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Jul 23, 2013 07:55 AM

Soft-Serve Machine Rental 8/2/2013

Anybody know where to rent a soft-serve machine and mix in Chester/Montco/Phila area? I've called all rental companies and party stores and get the same response "wish we knew where to get them, we get the call everyday".

Our office is having a party ~130 people with children. We want them to be able to make their own cones/sundaes.

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  1. Did a quick google search, and here is a place in harleysville that says it has one

    1. Maybe hire a food truck. There are a couple of Fro Yo trucks that let people build their own. Or could be fun to have a Mr. Frostee blaring away.

      Eliminates the need for you to sanitize the equipment, keep everything clean (build your own gets real messy real fast) and pack up later.