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Jul 23, 2013 07:53 AM

Place to find duck breast in or around Albany?

I've been to Henry's and PC supercenter's and I cannot find duck breasts anywhere? HELP

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  1. Adventure in Food ( ) in the Menands market has duck breasts, smoked and non-smoked, sold by the piece. They're in the Menands Market, and very pleasant to deal with. They mostly sell high-end products to restaurateurs, but they're happy to deal with the general public; I shop there when I need something interesting. I believe I've also seen duck breasts in the freezer case at Roma's, in Latham and at Fred the Butcher, in Half Moon, so you could call there. But they're on the product list at AIF, so that might be easiest.

    1. Second Roma Foods (Latham). If you're out and about check out Sander's Market in Ballston Spa (Northway/I-87 exit 12). That's where we usually get our duck, quail, etc.