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Jul 23, 2013 07:47 AM

Best Butcher Plateau-Mile-End

For pork shoulder, chicken, rabbit. Has anyone tried Les Volailles et Gibiers Fernando on Roy? There's also the Lawrence shop... Your opinions pls.

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  1. I'd recommend at least trying Lawrence. I liked their rabbit more than most..

    1. Good choices in Mile End are Boucherie Fairmount on St Laurent C/O Roy for Pork. The Butcher at Le Latini for french cut meats (also is one of the few places you can buy Gaspor suckling pig)Vito on Fairmount & St Urbain has been the Plateau mainstay for decades.Les Volailles is OK I buy my fresh Turkey there.Let Lawrence prove himself I went in a couple of weeks ago and they were shopped out.

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        Just to clarify, I think both posts referring to "Latini" actually mean the gourmet grocery store Latina, correct?

      2. Definitely Lawrence especially if you are one to support locally/ethically raised livestock. They are turning into my mainstay butcher as St Vincent just keeps increasing their prices it seems almost by the week (i.e. their ground beef is upto $16/kg was $12 last summer and went up another dollar recently, some of their mid range beef cuts like top sirloin went from high $20s to low $40s.)

        Yes, Lawrence ran out of the main beef grill cuts a few weeks ago but they are working out the tweaks and seemed better stocked this past weekend. I think they need extra staff though since they cut almost everything on order. Their price point is much more reasonable since a lot of their products are not certified "Organic". Their sausages can compete with any sausage specialty shop in town as could their cured ones (sopressota, genoa). Try their yogurt too, one of the best I've had.

        Yes to Latini too especially for Gaspor pork and algae fed lamb.