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Jul 23, 2013 07:06 AM

This should make every parent of little foodies happy. Taco Bell eliminates the "kid menu"

Now you won't have to complain that your foodie toddler has to pick of the kid's menu at Taco Bell. It is out. Done.

Actually I never knew that Taco Bell had a kids menu.

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  1. I didn't realize they had one either but one, I don't eat there often and two, my child is 19. I'm not so aware of those anymore. I can see why they might drop it. Its probably cheaper and easier to just order a taco off the regular menu.

    1. "Has to?" Since when does any kid "have to" eat off the kids' menu? But, in all seriousness, there never was any difference in Taco Bell's kids' menu. It was just a repackaging of their regular menu.

      Considering that Taco Bell's MO has always been ordering multiple portions of small items (what adult orders just 1 taco?), I've always considered TB the most kid-friendly fast food place out there. That, and the fact that you can eat there and still comply with doctor-approved DASH diet.

      1. "The decision came down to money, not concerns about nutrition or childhood obesity. In fact, after eliminating kids meals, Taco Bell may wind up feeding just as many children as it did in the past—and they’re likely to pay more, while scarfing down even more calories. "

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          I disagree. When my pup was young enough to eat child-sized portions, one of the (multiple) reasons I avoided kids' meals was that they actually contained more food than I would buy for her off the regular menu. And kids' meals are sometimes more expensive than if you bought the components separately because there's usually a nominal charge for the toy.

        2. I really have no kid's menus on my radar at all except for the "Happy Meals" at McDonalds. If you asked me right now if Burger King, Subway, Sonic, Spangles had a kid's menu. I would have absolutely no idea.