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Jul 23, 2013 06:48 AM

Natural, light and GOOD (downtown)

Hi all,

I am looking for suggestions for a natural/locally sourced restaurant with light fare in or around W Village, SoHo, Chelsea, etc... Obviously, based on the Blue Hill model, but not quite Blue Hill. Also, a casual atmosphere.

Cuisine relatively unimportant. Ideally this place is similar to il Buco or the like. I haven't been to bell book and candle (and wouldn't go for this particular occasion).

Any recommendations? Will travel out of those areas, but not as far as Telepan!

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  1. Back Forty (East Village) or Back Forty West (SoHo) could work.

    1. ABC Kitchen, if you can get in? I also love The Smile for a similar feel.

      In terms of italian, have you tried Epistrophe? Cute spot in Nolita and kind of Il Buco ish.

      1. Northern spy food co in e village would be most similar to the foods/style of blue hill IMO.

        1. Rosemary's, Greenwich Ave & W. 10th, they have a rooftop "farm." Casual.