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Jul 23, 2013 06:45 AM

Food help for a first timer in Montreal!

Hey, excited about coming up to finally visit Montreal! Coming up with a 2 and 6 year old. Looking for 3 things in particular...
Where to find the best Poutine restaurant or place to have it
A great Vietnamese restaurant (none around where I live in NY State)
And any kid friendly places with good food for us adults...We are big foodies.
Anything else we should try from the area or we should not miss????
We speak French so no worries there and are traveling a lot by car.
Any suggestions would be so appreciated!
Merci/Thank you!

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  1. Best place for poutine = La Banquise. Many different kinds, and it's considered a Montreal institution. It's open 24 hours and the kids will love it.

    I'll defer to the rest of the community for the Vietnamese restaurants.

    Where will you be staying/what kinds of food do you & the kids enjoy?

    1. We're glad you're finally visiting too! I suggest you search the forum for kid-friendly restaurants, as this seems to be discussed extensively almost every month. Typically consensus is that most restos in town will be happy to serve children during their earliest dinner hours ie 5 or 6pm). My suggestion would be the old favorite, Pied de Cochon. Its heavy Quebecois cooking and some great seafood that might require the adults to be adventurous, but there are plenty of simple things for kids.
      As for poutine, the usual suspects ate patati patata and Banquise. I prefer the latter.

      Vietnamese is much contested: many people swear by Pho Tay Ho but it is rather out of the way. For great value I tend to go to a divey BYOW restaurant called Cafe Saigon- the food is quite good.
      Good luck!

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        Great tips! I already have a reservation for APDC without are staying a bit out of town in Boucherville. But that's fine with us.
        My hubby and I are foodies, my kids not so much :-(
        Will def go to La Banquise for a poutine lunch. If I want to try a dish that's well known gotta go to the best!
        Will research the Vietnamese online a bit more
        Thanks everyone!

      2. Pho tai ho for their chicken pho, rice and bun dishes.

        1. I just tried a wonderful mom & pop Vietnamese place with a group and we all really enjoyed it. Amazing caramelized fish and flaky imperial rolls like I've never had elsewhere.

          La Saigonaise -

          1. The best Vietnamese restaurant, excluding the Pho soup, is Phuong Thao on Belanger near St-Michel. It's really far away in nowhere land.

            A bit more central is Pho Tay Ho with the soup and the grilled meat+vermicelli combos.

            For Americanized Vietnamese there's Ong Ca Can in the eastern part of Downtown.

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              at pho tai how don't miss out on the bbq pork and on the rare beef salad with lemon. the latter is brilliant - one of the best plates of food for sale in montreal.