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Jul 23, 2013 06:25 AM

medium priced restaurant choice near tribeca cinema

anyone have a rec for a nice spot for a lite dinner and conversation near tribeca cinema, 54 varick st?

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  1. Check out Westville on Hudson Street. Share a vegetable platter and get a couple sandwiches or other entrees.

    Food is delicious, there's a (limited choice) happy hour, and the place is spacious and uncrowned in the evening.

    My son just recommended Mooncake Foods, too: "Good and inexpensive" (this said by a self-supporting grad student).

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      1. re: Elisa515

        Westville is one of my favorites, but last time I was there, it seemed there was no AC, so if it gets really warm again, I'd want a fall back.

        Da Mikele (Italian) and Kori (Korean) are also solid choices in an area lacking mid-range options. Terroir is another possiblity, but it can get loud after work on weekdays.

        1. re: downtownchica

          I was looking at Da Mikele and Souths both near the venue as well, thanks for your reply!