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Jul 23, 2013 06:17 AM

Identify new food trends/dishes before they become overdone

There are many threads about overdone food trends. Dishes you find everywhere now whose origins are either now clouded in a primordial mist or have multiple claimants as progenitor. Think miso black cod/salmon/any fish whatsoever or molten chocolate cake. I want to see what you think are the potential new trends that are just starting out. Let's see how the predictions play out.

My identified emerging trend for the summer of 2013 is shrimp and grits. I grew up with this stuff. Wife and kids have made it for my father's day breakfast for years. They gotten much better over time with it. Not bad for a bunch of yankees. Rarely if ever saw it in a restaurant north of the Carolinas. But all of the sudden, I've been to at least 3 places this summer in NYC that have had some fancified version of it. Wild caught shrimp, mascarpone cheese in the grits, shimeji mushroom topping and other such ingredients. I've liked some, been bemused by others. Shrimp & grits, coming to an Olive Garden near you soon - to be called tuscan soft polenta with garlic butter scampi.

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  1. Interesting, I haven't seen many shrimp and grits dishes around but now I'm going to keep my eye out.