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Jul 23, 2013 05:41 AM

Golders Green

Is there anywhere decent to eat a fairly casual lunch in Golders Green? We have reached Number 13 on our numerical bus ride extravaganza and that's where it ends. According to Time Out all the restaurants and cafes are pretty dire and the only one on Chowhound - Spicy Grill - gets a big thumbs down on another site.

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  1. I suppose you could swap "decent" for the interesting experience of eating kosher (assuming they are not decent)?

    I know Blooms closed a couple of years back but, presumably, there are still other "old school" traditional places

    1. I'm Korean and I can vouch for Spicy Grill being good, personally my fave Korean place outside of New Malden.

      I would also recommend Likya - my personal favorite Turkish place in London and an incredible value. They give you a ton of food and the grilled meat is delicious.

      1. Loving the idea of the bus extravaganza.
        Can't really help you with Golders Green (being a sarf London boy)-unless you're interested in a pace that does really bad salt beef sandwiches.
        I assume that you're doing them in order and wondered if you took the number 3 to Crystal Palace and where you ate there?

        1. We tried once at one of the Jewish places and were extremely unimpressed. There's a Japanese place, just across the road from the bus interchange (which would be convenient I suppose) about which I think I've heard good things. There's a significant Japanese community in the area, so that would be my pick.

          1. Excellent koher Israeli felafel (2 types -- herbed and plain) at Pita (98 GG Road); certainly the best ive had in london.

            Local Friends is (one of) the best Hunanese restaurant(s) in London -- just make sure you ask for the special Hunan menu.

            Jewish wise, I've had meals at White Tower (or whatever it is currently called) which is located near the bridge that runs over GG Road. It may currently be a steakhouse though, and likely expensive and possibly bad unless you get something like a jerusalem grill -- all sorts of kosher offal grilled on the charcoal. Can't recommend, just remember eating there once or twice.

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              I think the best Jewish cooks migrated to NY. I've had few Jewish dishes in London that could compare. :-)