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Jul 23, 2013 04:33 AM

Anniversary on the Lower East Side/East Village

Since my husband and I moved to Park Slope last Spring, I need some guidance as to where we could celebrate our wedding anniversary this August. We'll be getting a sitter and spending the night at The Hotel on Rivington so we would like to stay in the general area...
Looking to spend between $100-$200 w/ tax and tip for the two of us. I'm expecting our second baby so no drinking for me. We love seafood, BBQ (although not sure how romantic that would be...) Mexican, great steaks, French, Asian, into trying new flavor profiles and styles.
The atmosphere is obviously important as well, somewhere that feels special without being stuffy. Romantic, comfortable seating and great desserts. We'll be going on a Sunday night so that might make getting a reso easier...?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!,

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