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Jul 23, 2013 02:33 AM

Help in seasoning for SousVide

Hello need some help pls..
I am based in Hong kong and will be Sousvide-ing lamb Racks and a Chateau Briand on a boat for 20pax on saturday evening. Since i will be leaving home early in the morning, i wish to have everything seasoned, and vacuumed on the previous night..

I am stuck on the seasoning part and not sure if I should add a little salt into the seasoning on the earlier night, as i like the salt bringing the flavour out, especially during the SV process, but afraid it will also draw out too much juices before cooking..... The meat wont arrive until Friday afternoon, so, pre-coooking everything is out of the question..
any suggestions?

Your replies will be treasured!

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  1. I use herbs but no salt in SV processing to prevent moisture loss. I do well-season the cooked meat and then brown it with a butane torch or on the grill just before service.

    Your lamb and tenderloin will be two of your best-evers.

    What SV processing temperature are you using?


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      Thanks! I will be doing both in the same water bath at 57 degrees.. getting something between the med rare/ rare.. attached is a photo from last time at 60 degrees for 2 hours, and a photo of my DIY SV Setup with a hot water pump(black thingy) and a Stainless steel 2000W immersion heater set in a 46L ikea plastic box... the temperature spikes 3-5 degrees more than set temperature in the 1st 2-3minutes, then settles down nicely and remains constant with 0.1deg.C fluctuation..

    2. Season with salt after SV, and before you sear, grill, or broil.