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Jul 22, 2013 10:42 PM

dinner party menu ideas classic french/modern classic 3 courses

all ideas welcome! and something more for the experienced cook. i am in a rush and am at a loss for some reason! thanks! (thinking of a cold soup of sort? then a fish and then something with fruit ugh!) : )

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  1. Chilled carrot soup with fines herbs (steal concept from French laundry).. for fish... probably too vague as we have no idea what's available to you. Wild salmon cooked in court bouillon with a seasoned hollandaise would make my tail wag.. for fruit... perhaps finish with a platter of fruit and cheeses? A chilled rose' to sip? I'm available for dinner and have semi evolved table manners.

    1. Went to a four course French themes dinner party for four. host d made minestrone au pistou, mussels salad with potato and apple, beef bourginon, pineapple caflouti.

      Probably too hearty for summer?

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        Pistou is a great idea to capture flavor of summer

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          True. I guess it was the hearty vegetables an the hot soup that deterred me from summer. I would be more inclined for a cold soup. Not French but I am making ajo blanco tonight. Is there a French equivalent?

      2. How about vichyssoise to start, then seared scallops over buttery melted leeks with some sort of gratin dish (potato, spinach, etc.). Crisp green salad w/ mustardy vinaigrette (or maybe an endive and orange salad w/ chive dressing). Dessert could be a berry tart with pastry cream?

        You could put out some nice salted nuts and make kirs or some other French cocktail before you serve the first course.

        1. thank you so much for the ideas! : ) will let you know what goes down. i am already starving now!

          oh and e. bone you are always invited. : )

          1. My favorite menu for a summer dinner party with a French accent is an adaptation of the Provencal "Grand Aioli." The garlicky mayo is the star, and you can grill or steam all manner of vegetables to dip in the aioli. The traditional proteins are lamb (grilled lamb chops are amazing!) shellfish and cod. For dessert I like a citrus/mint granite. Light, lively and a bit different.

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              for dessert what about a plum crisp with a very rich vanilla ice cream...

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                Huge +1 on grand aioli but I think niki is looking for something more structured and formal. Nice flatware versus bibs and napkins.