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Jul 22, 2013 09:30 PM

What is the best Churasscaria in Queens?

We have a party of 10 and need a good Churascaria in Queens. In Manhattan I usually go to Plataforma. I used to go to Greenfield's, years ago it was really good and then went downhill. But I was willing to try it again, but I saw when I googled it that it said "closed" 2 years ago.
So, any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. La Fusta, an Argentine offering in Jackson Heights, serves up wonderful assortments of barbecued meats in great portions. With group of ten, I would make reservations.

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      This one is in Mineola. Not far from Queens.
      Good, not great. They've been around a long time now and are pretty popular. I haven't been in a number of years but enjoyed my visit there.

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        Thanks, for the suggestions. It's tonite. So I'll report back

      2. I remember a watercress salad at La Fusta being good, there are also pickled calves tongues which were really nice.. skirt steak is good. Sangria is good. I was screwing around with the waiter the last time we went and I ordered chicken fingers. He took it one step further and brought them out. I don't think I have had chicken fingers in 10 years prior to that. they were really delicious.

        Tubs of chimichurri on everything..

        1. Can't go wrong with the meat at La Fusta, but I still remember when Greendfield's was good too, they used to have squab, rabbit, delicious cuts of meat, sausages, etc. Sad to hear it went downhill and then closed.

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            Well, everybody in my party wanted rodizio,, so we went to Rainhas. Located in old Greenfield's location. They claim to have prime meat, but I doubt it. The buffet area had some food, i.e. pasta. that looked like it was from day before. Some of the oxtail was good and some were not cooked enough and too hard to eat.Overall the buffet part was fair. As far as the meats go, the sausage was good, The sirloin was the best of the meats but just OK, the prime rib was not too good, the lamb was so over cooked, filet mignon wrapped in bacon was horrible, chicken was ok, spare rib had tons of fat on it. There were no hearts, livers , gizzards etc
            Even though it was not too good, The service was good and I might be back just to eat the whole pig, which is served on Fridays.
            I will try La Fusta another time, as it sounds good.