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Jul 22, 2013 08:12 PM

Tricycle Pizza- Wood Fired Pizza at Pacific Grove and Salinas Farmers Mkts.

Last week browsing through the farmers market held on Mondays in Pacific Grove I came upon Tricycle Pizza. This vendor operates a mobile wood fired pizza oven and offers a variety of pizzas for sale. Pizzas include, Margarita, pepperoni , sausage and fennel, and chicken pesto pies. There was also a vegetarian pizza offered as a special. I love pizza and was excited this evening when I got to sample Tricycle Pizza . My pepperoni pie was delicious!!!. Will be returning as I love thin crust pizza made in this style. Pizzas are in the 11 dollar range, two dollars more if you have the pizza/drink combo.They take credit cards and cash. They are at the Pacific Grove Market every Monday and at the Salinas Memorial Hospital Market on Fridays. They also cater, and if their schedule permits they are at the Saturday morning Salinas Farmers Market in Old Town Salinas. Website: This operation is the brainchild of a young women who loves to cook and I hope my fellow hounds will give this venture a try. You won't be sorry.

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  1. Thanks for reporting in on Tricycle. I had noticed it at the PG market. Then this past Friday I visited the market at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH) for the first time and saw it there too. I will confess to some dismay that the most common purchase I saw customers walking away with seemed to be 1) kettle corn and 2) pizza boxes rather than fresh produce. So I'm glad to hear that the pizza is good and that there's a vegetarian option. If the pizza folk work through the winter, the PG market is a year-round venue.

    1. No doubt this woman will have a lot of fans in a very short time.

      1. Thanks to this post, we checked out the Pacific Grove Farmers' Market today & purchased 2 pizzas from Tricycle Pizza to have for dinner. Pepperoni & Margherita. They were very good. I would have liked to see a little bit more generosity with the basil on the Margherita, but maybe that's just me. The pepperoni was very flavorful.

        We ignored the kids' pleas for kettle corn (the appeal of kettle corn happens to be lost on me under the best of circumstances) & went home with 2 cannolis & 2 apricot crostatas from Josie's Italian Sweets. My favorite was the cannolis, which were filled upon order, but the crostatas were good, too. I was only able to find a FB site, so here is the link:

        We also bought some fruits & vegetables, but being on vacation, cooking is less appealing than usual. We have no real plans or agenda this vacation, so being guided by some CH tips has been fun.