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Jul 22, 2013 07:26 PM

coctails &/or beer Downtown DTW

My husband & I will be downtown Detroit for a concert at the Fox Theater this coming Saturday.

For food I plan on Bucharest Grill & the Coney places before/after.

I see that Detroit Beer company is very close. What other good beer or cocktail places are in the near vicinity?

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  1. If you can drive over to Corktown, Sugar House is definitely worth the trip.

    1. Drive or 10-min. walk down Woodward past Grand Circus Park to Foran's, aka Grand Trunk (it'll be on your left going south, metered parking in area), good local bar with a strong selection of Michigan beers if that interests you.

      1. I've long been a fan of Bucharest, but the last 2 times there have been extremely disappointing. They've apparently changed their supplier for chicken breast, or at least changed their specs. As I watch them put the meat on the grill, it's obvious the pieces are thinner now. That might be okay, except in both cases the chicken in my sandwich has been burnt-- enough so that it spoils the taste of the entire sandwich.

        Also, in all the years I've been buying their chicken shawarma sandwiches I never had to spit out gristle as I eat. That has changed completely. This past time I actually counted, and 5 mouthfulls contained gristle of some sort-- ick! Clearly the meat is being trimmed (or not!) differently now.

        I asked people at my office who order delivery from Bucharest often. They confirm the same decline in quality.

        It seems strange to me that the owners would let quality slip so noticeably right on the eve of the opening of their second location, but there you have it.

        Also they've started charging for any "extras," with packaging the pickles separately from the sandwich being define as an "extra." Those would be the same pickles included in the sandwich regardless. They charged 25 cents per sandwich, and guess what-- no pickles were found anywhere in the carry-out bag at all.

        I'm giving Bucharest a several months rest, at least, and may try again at some point if enough others tell me they've turned things around.

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          Interesting. I noticed that they'd started charging for extras (in my case, adding onions to the sandwich actually *is* extra, so I don't have a problem with that), but it's $.25 for each, so I can live with it.

          Had you said that the sandwiches were a little bit drier as of late (which could be explained by the thinness of the chicken breasts you refer to), I could agree with that.

          What I cannot relate to is the gristle thing. Every sandwich I've eaten from Bucharest has been gristle-free to my recollection. I'll spot that the quality isn't what it once was, and I could certainly say that the sandwiches do need a better/wetter feel (the garlic sauce and the chicken marinade aren't meshing like they used to, and it may be because they're just not using enough of either), but gristle? Chewy, nasty chicken? I can't in good conscience agree on that point. Dried out chicken? Now we can be on the same page.

          Are you sure that you're not mistaking chicken that's been grilled too long/dried out for being gristly?