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Jul 22, 2013 04:28 PM

In search of a nice restaurant - Edmonton

Hi all,
My sister in law is having a big b-day. We would like to purchase a gift certificate for her for a restaurant in Edmonton (where she lives).
I do not know the restaurant scene at all, open to all cuisines. Looking to spend $150 for a dinner for two.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Red Ox Inn
    Sabor Divino
    Wildflower Grill
    Cibo Bistro
    Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

    Meeting your price is dependent on whether you order alcohol and how much of it, of course.

      1. Red Ox Inn would be my top pick. They also have a more casual restaurant just west of downtown on 124 St called The Canteen.

        Pampa is a great choice because it's a fixed price of $45/person plus drinks and all you can eat. It's quite the experience as well.

        Hardware Grill is an upscale restaurant with large portions and prices to match.

        I've heard great things about The Marc and corso32.

        I could go on but it's dependant on what kind of an evening out she'd like.

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        1. Agreed with the ones listed below, adding Madison's Grill, Nineteen, and RGE RD

          1. Doesn't get much better than Corso32 in Edmonton as far as I'm concerned. Worth looking at Red Ox Inn or Culina as well though.