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Jul 22, 2013 03:57 PM

Forgetful Santa Fe eater

I'm trying to remember the name of a terrific Santa Fe restaurant. What I remember about it is that there were large loaves of fresh-baked bread on a table when you walked in. On the walls were photos of -- I think -- authors who recently spoke in Santa Fe. It's a white table cloth place, in the city, with a focus on the chef. I don't remember his name, either. Can anyone help?

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    1. re: ninrn

      I don't think so, but it looks good. And, apparently, closed.

    2. This going to drive me crazy; mostly because I do remember a place with an impressive bread display near the entrance.

      Aqua Santa comes to mind; owner/chef was Brian Knox who had previously owned the highly regarded Cafe Escalera. Both places are no more.

      If your recollection is fairly recent, you could be thinking of Bouche French Bistro. Owner/Chef is Charles Dale. It is in the same space as the previously mentioned Aqua Santa and is, imo, the best restaurant in Santa Fe at the moment (followed by Geronimo on Canyon Road).

      Another that it might have been is The Compound; chef/owner is Mark Kiffin.

      Or, Bistro 315; owner/chef Louis Moskow.

      Hope this is some help.

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      1. re: fyfas

        BINGO! It was Aqua Santa, and that explains why I couldn't find it on current listings to jog my memory. But now neither of us have to be driven crazy; not, at least, by this brain teaser.

        Thanks a million! [and thanks for the tip on Bouche.]