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Jul 22, 2013 03:38 PM

Kosher Bed and Breakfast in Newport R.I.

Has anyone recently been to the kosher B@B in Newport? If so, what experience did you have?

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  1. Yes, although it was several years ago. Big old house, clean, what I would describe as a very ordinary B&B. I remember a breakfast room, although I have no specific memories of the breakfast.

    It was well known to the people at the shul; if they're still recommending it, it's probably not much changed. One of the larger hotels in town (more like a two-story motel - perhaps called the Viking?) is also very close to the hotel. As are numerous not-kosher B&B's. I mention this because Newport fills up during the summer, and a non-kosher B&B will often give you refrigerator space, and a bowl of Cheerios with milk for breakfast.

    1. Haven't been there so recently, so take this for what it's worth (or leave it).

      We were there twice; the first time was nicer than the second. The first time, the woman who runs the place made lots of hot breakfasty stuff: pancakes, eggs, French toast, etc. Not necessarily all on the same day, but over the couple or three days we were there. However, the second time, we were the only people there. The first time was summer, while the second was over New Year's, and we arrived after a really big snow/icestorm. Because of the storm, the rabbi who usually turns on the stove wasn't there (the woman who runs the place is not Jewish, so she can't turn the stove on herself), so no food was made or ready when we came to breakfast. In fact, we had to turn on the stove, though she then did make something hot. Even so, I still thought it was a nice experience.

      I don't really have experience with B & B's, surely less than Adina, but I thought the place was nice. Each room was decorated differently, and I thought it was relatively pretty. I certainly appreciated being able to have something nicer than cold cereal with milk; for that we wouldn't bother with a B & B at all, as almost every motel offers free breakfasts these days, and they always have cold cereal in addition to whatever hot stuff they provide for the non-kosher eaters. Often there are even hot cereal packets and disposable bowls for a hot breakfast (though a recent stay at a Hampton Inn was disappointing; I expected packets of oatmeal as in the past, but now they make it in a crockpot).

      1. I was there many years ago with my husband. Was not impressive at all, compared to all the other b&b there. We ended up checking out and going to a regular hotel and buying food from the supermarket.

        1. A group of 11 of us were there last October for a Friday night thru Sunday morning weekend. We brought our own food for Friday night/Shabbos, and they were very accommodating, the table was set for us for every meal, etc. All in all, it was fine. Some rooms are better than others. I think the upstairs rooms are larger.
          It wasn't great, but it was fine. Look, if you want a kosher place, they're the only show in town. It was good enough that I wouldn't steer people away from it.
          Shabbos breakfast was simple - I don't really remember it, and, as I said, we had a lot of our own food to eat, and snack on.
          I would add that the Sunday morning breakfast was very nice. There were a number of non-Jews staying there too - they had no idea it was a kosher place - and they were pleased with it.