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How can I serve Caesar dressing for a party other than in a salad?

I have a delicious Caesar dressing recipe that I have made a few times. I am all about it and would now like to serve it when I'm entertaining.

I could serve it in a salad but I'd rather do something else! I wouldn't mind a salad-like preparation (I've seen something like a shredded Caesar salad on bread).

My first thought was to just to offer it as a dip for bread or spread it on soft Italian or French bread (so good) or as crostini.

Any other ideas?

(Also, agh! The recipe on the original site seems to be gone! Here it is on another site: http://www.foodily.com/r/iRXuSwIe2-a-...)

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  1. It would be delicious drizzled over roasted asparagus or broccoli. Add some shaved Parmesan curls and sprinkle toasted bread crumbs for that crunch.

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      Sounds good! Also reminds me of a new recipe I want to try: panagritata. That could be good on top, too.

    2. Low key I know but how about mixing with finely minced chicken and making mini crescent bites. Dressing for dip. Or full fledged crescent servings. You don't say what kind of party or how many people involved.

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        I wasn't thinking how many people but I can use my apartment for measure! :) Probably 10-15 people. I have been trying to think of ways to use crescent rolls since they're so convenient.

      2. Bread spread is always nice. Finger sandwiches with a bit of chicken or ham inside. Dip for veggies (you might want to consider the strength of flavor and consistency, and alter those for the dip if needed).

        1. Love it in chicken salad.
          Grilled romain/endive/radichio

          1. Chicken Caesar summer rolls -- roll up romaine, chicken, Parmesan, and maybe croutons, then dip in Caesar dressing.

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              I was thinking this as well or poured over baked chicken

            2. There was a recipe that had grilled chicken, cooked penne, romaine and Caesar dressing as a pasta salad.

              Also, I have a recipe that is a little thicker and use as a sandwich spread for things like burgers etc.

              1. I have seen baby romaine and other small greens arranged in wine glasses. First a dollop of dressing, then the greens, which are then eaten as finger food, dipping the ends into the dressing.

                1. Make Caesar tacos. Whole romaine lettuce leaves (cut off the whitest end) ribbon of dressing (mine is very creamy with Romano and lemon zest) down the spine, small crunchy croutons next and then a good sprinkle of Parmigiano and black pepper. Big hit whenever I serve them.

                  1. Turn it into aspic and serve tiny cubes with chilled steamed vegetables.

                    1. I made these parmesan cups (frico) for my July 4th party and put a bit of salad in them right before serving. I did an arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette but caesar would work well too.

                      I made the cups a day ahead and I was worried that they were going to be a dud of an appetizer but my guests went crazy for them. It makes a nice presentation.


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                        We've done that before, kind of a deconstructed Caesar salad. Frico cups with shredded Romaine lettuce dressed with Caesar dressing and a parmesan shaving atop each one. Very tasty and it does make a very nice presentation.

                      2. grill salmon. chill it, serve cold with the dressing

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                          yup. was thinking tuna steaks this way.

                        2. You could serve with boiled potatoes instead of butter.

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                            Someone downthread also mentioned potatoes. I'm liking this idea.

                          2. Can I represent the dinner guest who is thinking no dear god no, please just give me a salad.

                            If you *must* then change the lettuce or something.

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                              Took the words right out of my mouth. :)

                              One of the problems with party fare is the excess of bread-based things: Spreads, dips, finger sandwiches, crostini, flatbreads, crackers, croutons, etc. I'm with you, a salad is far more unique if done well. Love escondido123's suggestion for romaine lettuce cups.

                              Caesar dressing is delicious tossed with shaved celery and parmesan. More crunch, holds well.

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                                Remember that most don't make a true Caesar in the bowl from scratch.

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                                  Please, those aren't lettuce cups, they're romaine tacos.

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                                    Sorry, then I misunderstood that you're layering on top of a tortilla.

                                    Or if lettuce is the base, I'd call my version ssam.

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                                      No, lettuce is the "tortilla", the caesar dressing the "salsa" and the croutons and cheese the "filling." Because they fold perfectly they should be eaten with the hands just like you would a taco.

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                                    I think that my forte is still with desserts so usually when I plan out a spread for a party in my head I can think of a million different kind of desserts so when it comes to savory things I usually think of--basil hummus (awesome and usually something different for guests, and with veggies, not bready things), bread (fresh or crostini) with dips and roasted things...omg I can't even think of what other savory things (maybe it's too early in the morning for me!). Shaved celery, that sounds interesting!

                                    Serving a salad as a salad is fine with me: my favs are this Caesar, shredded romaine-onion-tomato and avocado with a spicy peanut sauce (random but I find the flavors go well), a spring mix-red onion-cucumber, etc.-stone fruit salad (this one is usually about display with thinly sliced toppings--it looks pretty--but also tastes good!), and a massaged kale salad with whatever mix-ins.

                                    Ok, seriously, I know I've served savory things...

                                    Oh yea, and this is bready, a easy go-to that I can pick up from the store quick or just keep in the freezer is Amy's roasted vegetable pizza cut in 16ths.

                                    Thinking... but yes, while I like to have bread, don't want to lean on those.

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                                      lol, this isn't really even "caeasar" dressing. it's a garlicky tofu sauce. :)

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                                      Well, the other thing I was thinking was doing a grilled romaine or my new favorite thing--the dressing with Bibb (Boston/butterhead/whatever) lettuce.

                                    3. You could also make a flatbread with it.....

                                      1. I noticed that your recipe is for a vegan Caesar dressing. Are you looking especially for vegan/vegetarian ideas?

                                        Without the parmesan and anchovies (and with almonds), it must have quite a different flavor profile from traditional Caesar dressing, but it sounds like it would go well with most raw and cooked vegetables. I love monavano's grilled radicchio idea, but it's not in season (is it?). Or you could do grilled spring onions and dip them.

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                                          haha Yes, which I only realized after all of the suggestions for chicken-related recipes but I can modify even if chicken is suggested. It is such a great dressing (especially after some time in the fridge) and it does taste great on some soft bread or on romaine or Bibb lettuce.

                                          But I did post to this board rather than the CH veg board on purpose, but now not sure exactly why. Still appreciate all the replies!

                                        2. Caesar deviled eggs would be a nice way to use it in a finger food fashion.

                                          Is it the kind of dressing you would feel happy making at the table? You could always add a little pizzazz to your dish with showmanship instead.

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                                            I have a feeling it's made in the blender. And apparently it's better after sitting in the fridge for a bit (and I'm sure that's true, looking at the ingredients).

                                          2. I buy a container of it from a great deli and use it like gravy. I drizzle some over panko crusted chicken tenders and tiny boiled potatoes. Also great on broccoli.

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                                              Ooh, this is intriguing! Someone upthread also mentioned potatoes. I should try this.

                                            2. i would make a hot (baked) dip using artichokes or artichokes and spinach with your "caesar" dressing. i'd also throw in some water chestnuts, because i like some crunch, too.

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                                                Heeey, I am loving this at the moment. Caesar salads and spinach-artichoke dip are, if I remember correctly, two things I discovered right before I became vegan so it was short and sweet haha but I do have this great dressing (which is better than a lot of non-vegan versions I've had).

                                                As for spinach artichoke dip, I've made a baked (and not baked) so-good-it's bad version (with vegan mayo, cream cheese, mozzarella, parm, omg too much) and tried to make a "simple" version, working off of spinach and artichoke as a base (but is there really a deconstructed version of this dip???).

                                                Your suggestion seems great because it seems like what I may be looking for in a spinach artichoke dip (more whole than using the processed products like above) AND because this dressing contains ground almonds it reminds me of another recipe that I so want to try--it's called baked almond feta (an artisan nut cheese). The photos and reviews make it look delicious and so your suggestion is probably going to be in my mind until I make it!

                                              2. Roll it up in Lavosh (sp) with grilled chicken breast, romaine and tomato or perhaps roasted red and yellow peppers (tomato could get a big too watery over time)

                                                I use cream cheese to seal my lavosh

                                                You could also make some type of ceasar flat breads if you didn't want to roll the lavosh (might be more elegant for a party).

                                                1. I was in a diner and applied my college dorm skills.
                                                  Salmon fillet sandwich. I rejected the wasabi mayo etc and put in the bun with the fish some of the dressed caesar salad lettuce and added a bit of extra dressing. Delicious.
                                                  Do what you want with the combination.

                                                  1. I might be interesting to blend it with some homemade hummus for a dip.

                                                    You could marinate chicken skewers in it too, grill them, and serve some more as a dipping sauce for them.

                                                    What about a pasta salad with it?