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Jul 22, 2013 02:47 PM

Source for good dark bread in Seattle

Does anyone know of a bakery is Seattle that makes a good dark bread?

I'm thinking something along the lines of the whole grain loaves they serve at the Tillicum Village Salmon Bake (which I understand are made in Coeur d'Alene!). I would love to find a source for a similar type bread without having to trek over to Blake Island!

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  1. The one described as?
    Warm Whole Grain Tillicum Bread - This rich, dark, slightly-sweet bread is made with a hint of molasses – our own private recipe, served warm with butter. So popular, in fact, you can even purchase loaves to take home.

    Is a coarse bread (with whole or cracked grains and seeds), or just dark. Some NW bakeries used sell a dark bread called 'squaw bread' - it is still made, but with a more pc name.

    1. Is a good pumpernickel close? Tall Grass makes one.

      I clicked on the menu link and...they don't try and pass that off as traditional NW Indian food, do they? Bison with veal stock? Wild rice? etc etc.

      1. LR, Every Saturday morning, Metropolitan Market gets in dark loaf bread from Paris. Along with some water, you could sustain life with this stuff.

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          That would be the poilane Bread, me thinks. It's not much like the softer, dark 'squaw' bread (that name really has a non-PC vibe these days, doesn't it? Ouch).

          You used to be able to get a bread like that at Poulsbo bakery - you might call them; they send bread to a few outposts....