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Jul 22, 2013 02:45 PM

Late week night Portland

We are going to try and blitz a drive from Manchester late on Mon night and should arrive in Portland at 1am. Anything open that late or should we pick up something on the way (not sure what other than junk food which I am not happy about).
Also, what is a chow worthy experience at sunrise (we have a car and don't mind picking something up and going somewhere - boat, shore, etc). After junk the night before, we'll need a decent something. I heard about lobster donuts somewhere....anyone have ideas? Pick up and go...want to do some exploring and don't want a big sit down breaky.

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  1. Portland's late night food options are pretty limited--especially on a Monday--you'd have a few more options on a weekend--Otto, Pai Men Miyake, Boda Thai, etc.

    Nosh is the only place I can think of--they serve food until 12:45 (which is last call at bars in Maine), so even that option would be iffy.

    The lobster donuts are at the Holy Donut! Definitely worth a stop--they open at 630 am. I haven't tried them as I'm addicted to their chocolate donuts and lemon donuts, but they look good!

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    1. re: sultanaboudreau

      We're trying to catch a flight the next day to eliminate this late night business since we won't be doing anything that night anyway.

    2. Yeah your options are pretty much Denny's and a 7/11 hot dog that late on a Monday night. Weekends there would have been a few options.

      If you got a car I would suggest driving across the bridge to Scratch Baking company in South Portland. They have just about the best bagel you will ever have and check out their TripAdvisor page if you think I'm joking.

      From there you could walk down to Willard Beach or I'd recommend getting back in your car and driving a couple minutes to Fort Williams/Portland Head LIght. Doesn't get much more scenic than that

      Also you could hit up Standard Baking on Commercial street in Portland and then walk the east end trail down to the beach and go up on the Eastern Prom.

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      1. re: grittys457

        We haven't been to Scratch yet, but the bagels at 158 Pickett Street Cafe in South Portland, where the Scratch guy got his start, are amazing too. World-class bagels.

        Easy drive from the Old Port.

        1. re: Bob W

          I've had them both and I like Scratch's better. I mean they're almost the same thing. 158 reminds me of a dive bar and I mean no disrespect by that. I just love the setup of Scratch and there is a far bigger variety of food in there.