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Jul 22, 2013 02:26 PM

Virginia beach recommendations

What are some good places in Virginia beach any recommendations welcome ----- good coffee, hole in the wall places, subs, seafood, fine dining, goo location anything and everything.

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  1. There are many great places to eat in VA Beach. A couple I like are Pacifica, a nice tapas place near the oceanfront @ Pacific & 40th, and Coastal Grill, an excellent local restaurant that excels at preparation of local ingredients, and will satisfy seafood lovers as well as presenting a number of choices for people looking for something else. It is about 3 miles from the oceanfront.

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      Thanks. Are Cicks Oyster bar or Rockerfella's any good?

    2. Chick's is a nice place to tie up a boat for a decent meal, but don't know that I would highly recommend it as a food destination. Rockerfella's is good in my opinion. Many would rank it higher than that. I prefer the 2 I recommended to either.

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        Thanks that's exactly the kind of info I find valuable. I will probably try both of your recs.

      2. After seeing a rec on tripadvisor and then again from a local friend, I recently tried the divey "Seaside Raw Bar" which is in the 2000 block of Atlantic. Think it is somehow attached to Shaka's.

        They don't have a grill or a fryer, just a steamer and a small broiler. But they make great steamed seafood (have been long running a 1/2 and 1/2 special, half a pound each of snow crab and peel and eat shrimp for like 10.99) and some of the best oysters Rockefeller I have ever had. My friend recommended the clams casino as well, as she had eaten there before.
        I will definitely be back!