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Jul 22, 2013 02:18 PM

Cafe Mueller Opens July 26th in new HEB

Just saw these two blurbs on web:

1. Café Mueller will have the requisite Texas craft beers on tap, a "hand-picked wine list" and will open for lunch and dinner. Sounds like a counter service operation, much like the cafe at Central Market—they're hiring for cashiers and food runners, but not servers.
2. Austinites might be excited for Trader Joe’s and the second Wheatsville Co-op grocery stores to open this year, but the folks who live in or near the Mueller neighborhood are really, really excited for the H-E-B to open this week.
How excited? It took less than 15 minutes for neighbors to snatch up the 800 reservations for the soft opening on Friday and Saturday for the fast-casual restaurant inside the 83,000-square-foot building, the most environmentally friendly of all the 350 H-E-Bs in Texas and Mexico. Earlier this month, managers had to order extra signage about the July 26 opening date because so many people were walking up to the store and hoping to go inside.
I live in Georgetown and can't visit there anytime soon (to hot) so I'd love to hear your comments next week. Thanks

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  1. Going a little off topic here.

    There is a relatively new Super HEB at Lakeline Mall. I really like this store. However, one thing that i noticed is that unlike Central Market and most every other HEB (certainly every other newer one that i have been to) is that you don't price your own produce. This leads to a couple of questions:
    1. Will the new HEB be this way also?
    2. Why is this this?
    a. Theft? People putting in wrong codes or weighing, then adding more?
    b. Competitive reasons, Whole foods, trader Joes, etc. don't require you to price own food, maybe?
    c. People in Williamson county can't remember the codes long enough to punch them in?
    d. some other reason

    Honestly, I like pricing my produce right there. It lets me know exactly what i about to spend without having to weigh, then do the math in my head.

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      1. re: TroyTempest

        Replying to my own post here,
        Answers to my questions.
        1. Yes
        2. a, from what i hear there was a lot of consumer fraud

      2. I had a feeling that they would have live music on weekends like Central Market does and sure enough, they will. There is a link to music and a link to the menu in the Cafe. They will have BBQ plates ! ! ! !

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        1. re: redhatcharm

          Menu says they'll be selling 32 and 64oz growlers "To Go Only". Is there a law that says growlers cannot be consumed on the premises? They're still considerably more expensive than buying a 6-pack, 22oz, or 750ml bottle to go from the beer aisle (on the non-tap-only beers listed).


            1. re: Rptrane

              They don't have a large beer selection on tap, but they do have good local ones.
              St. Arnold, Thirsty Planet, 512, a few others represented

            2. I can't believe there haven't been any comments about the food at the cafe yet!

              I'm working in the area, so I just stopped by today for lunch, grabbed some BBQ to go.

              Was it good? It was ok. I got moist brisket + a link of pork sausage, potato salad and red cabbage slaw. It came with the requisite white bread / pickles / onions. Visually, the brisket wasn't very appealing. No smoke ring to speak of, generally drab looking meat. Significantly greasy. Taste wise, it was pretty good... nice amount of salt, and the texture was melty, albeit reflective of being a bit overdone.

              The sausage was totally forgettable. Sides were good.

              Overall, I can't say that I was disappointed – despite the fancy new location, this is still BBQ at HEB. With a tea, it was 12 bucks... I'm not sure I'd want to pay that again. I will say, however, that the space is really nice, the cafe's very well designed, and the employees were all super friendly. The BBQ chicken "Neapolitan-style" (groan – why bother calling it that? I feel like it sets you up to be bummed out.) pizza looked good... I'll try that next time.

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              1. re: popvulture

                About a month ago, I had the brisket and pork ribs to go, also. I thought both were above average, on a scale like this. Meat rankings only

                1. Frankiln
                2. Mueller's, Stiles switch
                3. Ruby's
                4. HEB/Mueller
                5. Rudy's, Salt Lick
                6. Pokejoes, the Pit

                1. re: TroyTempest

                  Wow... I'd definitely much rather have Salt Lick than what I had today. Probably not Rudy's.

                  1. re: popvulture

                    My rankings were based upon my 1 visit there. So, not very scientific. Based upon my limited number of reviews, I probably shouldn't have made such a list, but...

                  2. re: TroyTempest

                    no La BBQ yet TroyTempest? Try the brisket, pork rib, turkey, and pork sausage and come back to this list. enjoy the free lone star buffet from a keg while you wait. I would put it around 1.5 on your list. I've not tried Muellers, but like La BBQ over Stiles. every time.

                    1. re: slowcoooked

                      No, LA BBQ is definitely on my list. I want to get there for sure.

                      1. re: slowcoooked

                        I totally agree. I wasn't very impressed with Stiles, but I know I'm in the minority with that. Wasn't bad by any means, just lower on my personal list.

                        1. re: popvulture

                          I've been to Stiles several times and continue to enjoy their beef rib and relatively short wait and air conditioning. The rest is just okay / not bad.

                          I have NOT been, however, to mickelthwait and continue to read on other sites better and better reviews for their 'cue, especially the pork offerings and the jalapeño cheese grits as a standout side. nice call mixing that up from the normal slaw and beans.