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Jul 22, 2013 02:13 PM

Jimmy Brown's Cafe, East Falmouth...Hidden Gem

Loved this Hidden Gem, halfway between touristy and crowded Downtown Falmouth and Mashpee. Family run business where everything seems to be homemade from the light, crispy and non-greasy huge beer battered onion rings, to the light, homemade potato chips, the hand cut and perfectly crisp French fries, the 8 ounce flame grilled cheeseburger and the large, perfectly fried fish and chips. Prices are very reasonable, also. I think that the entire family works at the restaurant. The waitress said that they opened in September, 2012 and that the family did all of the construction. One of the sons is the head chef and we were told he previously cooked in NYC but I forget the name of the restaurant. I was very impressed with the high quality, freshness and obvious attention to detail and care that the chef puts into his food and cooking.

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  1. Wow, that is right down the road from me! That restaurant location has turned over about 5 times in the last two years and each one has been a disappointment both is service and quality of food. I'm excited to hear such a positive review!

    1. Anyone had any recent experiences? Going back to Falmouth this weekend.