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Jul 22, 2013 11:59 AM

San Diego Spirits Festival ...Anyone attended before?

Anyone have any experience with the previous events? Tickets are almost $100 looking at it for a network op. Any feedback?

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  1. We went last year. Definitely an over-priced event. Many people got their tix half-price through Gold Star Events. Even with those discounts it was sparsely attended. Of course,that was fine with us as we did not have to wait for any tastings.

    There was a decent band and a few things to nibble on. There were plenty of liquors to taste but how many 90 proof samples can you try before you become non compos mentis? (I won't reveal this magic number.)

    This year you can add the excitement of Vince Neil to the joy of a free sample of Ron Jeremy Rum.

    There was a decent chef presentation but not much in the way of other demonstrations (e.g. cocktail mixing). I did get to meet one of the owners of Fee Brothers, which was a personal highlight. And the inventor of a new kind of cocktail shaker/strainer.

    If the event does not sell well, they will probably offer the discounts again. It is a decent event at 1/2 the price. If they don't, I'll just stay home and chug a fifth of Old Overholt ($17 at Bev Mo) while I munch on a bag of Funyons.

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      Thanks you, first hand exp I was looking for.

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        I went last year and LOVED it. I did get the discount tickets and I'm eagerly watching all of the discount sites hoping they'll be offering them again because I do not want to drop $100 for this event, but I might do it... I had that much fun.

        I really enjoyed the bartender battles. It was fun to watch. A highlight for me was a demo by Cynthia Gold from Boston about making drinks with tea.

        I loved getting to try so many kinds of alcohols... found a few new faves. We listened to one of the bands... they seemed good and we tried the food samples.

        Overall, I had such a good time, i was shocked when it was time to leave.

        I definitely recommend the event. We had a blast and I am planning to attend this year.