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Jul 22, 2013 11:00 AM

Chinese restaurants in South Jersey.

Real foodies looking for a cut above the basic Chinese restaurants we keep finding in South Jersey. Worn out with Gen. Joes' chicken etc. etc.

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  1. Try Han Dynasty in Cherry Hill.

    404 Route 70, Cherry Hill NJ, 08034

    Sichuan and some Taiwanese. Dan Dan Noodles, Dry Pot, Cumin crusted Lamb, and on the milder side ma po tofu, tea smoked duck and the three cup chicken are all good.
    Note he has other restaurants in Philadelphia, and the suburbs.

    1. I second Han Dynasty. you must get the Dan Dan noodles.
      I also like Joe's Peking Duck in Marlton. Has been excellent for over 20 years. Always a cut above any other chinese restaurant.

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        OMG!!!!!!! got to get there so much closer now yeah!!