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Quick Suppenküche Report - Hayes Valley, SF

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I ate at Suppenküche in Hayes Valley last week for the first time in many years. I wasn't drinking, so I didn't get to try any of the interesting beers. I had an iced tea, though, which was freshly brewed and unsweetened, and served in a large beer-like mug.

Three of us shared three items, which proved to be more than enough food:

The salad: A medley of carrots, cabbage, beets, greens, and potatoes. It's really the only vegetable thing on the menu, and it made for a nice start to the meal. Very big, and was easy to share three ways.

Special of stuffed chicken w/ potato pancakes - The pancakes are crispy and a tad too greasy, and these weren't served with any apple sauce since they were a side for the chicken. The roasted chicken had a crispy skin, and the stuffing was subtle and a bit dense. But I thought this was a pretty good dish overall. Comforting and a big portion.

Meatloaf - Served w/ very good mashed potatoes. I probably wouldn't rush back to order it again, but it was good. Also on the dense side, served w/ gravy.

Total bill was quite reasonable since we only had these three things, two beers, and my iced tea. The bread they serve w/ herbed (dill) butter is great as well -- dark and earthy.

It's crowded there, and really really loud, but I'd definitely return again in the future.

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  1. I've enjoyed the pork and lamb entrees I've had at Suppenkuche. Good, solid food. There's usually about an hour wait at prime times which can be a turnoff. Service is casual and slightly spotty. Can accommodate groups and isn't too expensive which is a blessing in SF.

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      The food was pretty good the last time I was there but man, was it loud! ( I prefer our local German place in Alameda)

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        Do tell?