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Jul 22, 2013 10:02 AM

[soft opening] Jinya Ramen in West Village

JInya Ramen Bar, a Tokyo-based ramen house already operating three branches in L.A., has soft opened in West Village. I tried Tan Tan Men, which was served with Sriracha sauce on the side and no soup. It was O.K. but not amazing. May be I should have tried their signature tonkotsu ramen. Matcha affogato for dessert was delicious!

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  1. This is a head scratcher here in L.A. Their original location won acclaim but their branches were uninspiring and are shutting down. It's like a musical flopping in L.A. and then deciding to open up on Broadway.

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      Website discusses franchising so it may not necessarily be a corporate effort to branch out here, but an enterprising franchisee.

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        After several months, the Miracle Mile branch reopened as "Jinya Ramen Bar" with a slight remodel and new ownership. I was told the remodel took longer than they anticipated. It would have been nice if they posted something about it....

        Mr Taster

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          I live close to the Miracle Mile branch in LA. It's fine, and the egg yolk is always nice & golden & soft, but the ramen & the soup is definitely not nearly as good as some of the other ramen spots in NYC. The other non-ramen items on the menu also were uninspiring.

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            Well, remember emilia, we Miracle Mile office workers were stuck with not much more than Koo Koo Roo and Marie Callendar's for a decade+, so having a halfway decent ramen shop in walking distance is a deep, juicy breath of pure fucking ambrosia by comparison.

            Mr Taster

      2. In my experience, it's always best to go with a ramen shop's signature. But to be honest, I'm more interested to hear how Ivan Orkin's NYC branch and Keizo Shimamoto's Bossa Nova NYC branch are going taste. Both have really interesting pedigrees.

        1. I had the tonkosu. It was also fine but uninspiring. And the noodles seemed over starchy to me. Service was enthusiastic but short on training. And on the night we were there a bunch of people were engaged in an annoying call and response Korean toast of some sort.

          I've been looking forward to this place opening since I saw the sign go up and I was disappointed. I'll probably give then another chance but I'd direct ramen seekers in Manhattan to stick with Korea town or the east village.

          1. It was just okay not bad, but it may have been spoiled by my trip to Mitsuwa a few days earlier for their Kyushu fair which featured Tanaka Shouten which supposedly one of the most famous tonkotsu places in Tokyo. I felt the noodles at Jinya had too much kansui, so they were too springy rubbery like noodles at typical cantonese wonton places in NYC. The ajitamago was way too overcooked. The broth was a bit watery for me, and lack the depth maybe some sweetness of other places around manhattan. Tantan was okay, needed more vegs, maybe some negi, it was mostly pork and tsukemen like noodles. The robata items were better than the ramen.

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              I love the Kyushi fair at Mitsuwa. I can't believe i missed it. I guess they have it every year at this time.I went two years ago. Now I want mentaiko.