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Jul 22, 2013 08:31 AM

Boca Raton- upscale, business dinner- any recs?

So far I have found Arturo's, The Addison and Lucca(Waldorf resort).
Looking for a good meal & service with something a little different- as opposed to the high end steak chains.
Your comments & suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Also at the Boca Raton Resort is Morimoto and Cielo in the Tower on the top (27th) floor - great views!

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    1. re: DolceFarNiente

      Cielo is closed on Monday, when I will be in Boca.
      What do you think of Lucca and Arturo's?

      1. re: jehflyer

        Are you staying at Boca Resort? I'm asking because I believe the resort's restaurants are only open to guests of the hotel. Friends recently ate at Lucca and thought it was good. If you're looking off premises, I recommend Casa D'Angelo. Don't be fooled by their all the years dining there I've always ordered from their vast list of daily specials. Food and atmosphere are great and would work for a business dinner. As for your original post, I thought I recently read that the Addison is only open for group functions and not individual diners.

    2. Chops Lobster House is still the best IMO.
      The Addison has been closed for a couple years as a restaurant.

      1. I second Casa d'Angelo. I have eaten at Lucca and it does not compare.