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Nov 20, 2003 04:58 PM

rapa brand scrapple

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any body out there know where this can be found in Texas???

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  1. Given the severe shortage of Amish in Texas, you will not be surprised to hear that I have *never* seen scrapple in or around Texas!

    We've got a good group here though, if its in the state, one of our chowhounds will know about it!


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    1. re: Stewart

      I've purchased scrapple at central market in austin that tasted like I remembered from Maryland...

    2. Ed,

      Rapa brand scrapple is made by Ralph and Paul Adams, Inc., of Bridgeville,DE. Get to their website- they ship UPS during the cooler months of the year.

      I still have two pounds in my freezer. It's equally difficult to find here in Chicago. I grew up in Virginia and lived in Maryland for six years before moving to Texas in the eighties. I would occasionally see Jones brand scrapple, frozen, in some Winn-Dixie's and Tom Thumb stores.

      I had a scrapple sandwich the other night, but my favorite is fried crispy with a couple over easys.
      A little joint in my hometown has scrapple and egg sandwiches on their breakfast menu.

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      1. re: Evil Ronnie
        terry schroyer

        I as well lived in Maryland for 42 years and now live in California where they've never heard of scrapple. One of the things I miss from the East coast.

        1. re: Evil Ronnie

          The address below is from the Baltimore Suns Messageboard!


        2. a

          I have gotten frozen scrapple (not Rapa) at a Gerland's market a while back. That was at Wilcrest and Briar Forest on the west side. It is no longer a Gerland's (Foodway, I think). So maybe try another Gerland's. BTW, I prefer Habersetts...

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          1. re: absurdnerdbird

            I get Habersett's (frozen)at Piggly-Wiggly stores here in SC - I don't know whether the chain spreads as far as Texas.

            Habersett's is kind of soft and difficult to fry well, but it is good scrapple.

            1. re: Sandy


              Habersetts was bought out by the Adams brothers and is now part of the Rapa family of scrapple. I've also tried it and prefer the Rapa myself.


              Seltzer's Smokehouse Meats
              P.O. Box 326
              Lititz, PA 17543

              This is a smaller producer of scrapple, Lebanon bologna, etc...

              Evil Ronnie

          2. l
            Les Zimmermann

            Try the mail order link, as Rapa products are only distributed in the Mid Atlantic area.