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Jul 22, 2013 07:44 AM

Chef's Tasting, Private Table - YYC

Hi everybody. A group of 8 of us are planning to go out next weekend for a tasting menu and thought that it would also be fun to hit a restaurant that has a private Chef's Table. Any suggestions?? We've done the tasting menu's at Rush, Chef's Table, Muse and Rouge before, and have no problems returning to any of them. However, has anybody had a small private room/chef's table at any of these, or any other place that they can recommend as particularly fantastic that I haven't thought of?


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  1. I had a chef tasting menu at Carino. It's small so there is no private room but it was fantastic, particularly with the wine pairing (I believe the owner used to the be the wine director at Teatro).

    Speaking of Teatro, I heard they do a chef's tasting menu as well but I have not been myself.

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      Replying to myself here! I did try Teatro Chef Tasting menu a few weeks ago. It was fantastic. Everything was stellar. Everything was delicious. Although it was $135/pp.I would highly recommend it if money is no object.

      I found it interesting that our server recommended that we don't go with the wine pairings but instead purchase a bottle that could easily go with many dishes. Which we did. It turned out lovely.

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        Thanks for responding with where you ended up going.
        How many courses did you get?

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          Teatro. 8 course and a small amuse mid way through.

          I've listed what we had in very general terms. The restaurant would probably be mortified by my descriptions. Forgive my spelling!

          1. Red pepper soup with goat cheese snow (using liquid nitrogen)
          2. Caprese salad with basil oil & balsamic capsules (really cool)
          3. Scallop carpaccio w/ compressed melon balls & crispy ham
          4. Beet meringue stuffed w/ mascarpone
          5. Sousvide halibut w/carrots and zucchini
          6. Lamb ravioli w/ fresh peas
          7. Triple brie w/homemade honey and truffles
          8. Beef cheeks & brown butter puree potatoes
          9. Salted caramel ice cream (also liquid nitrogen done at the sous chef station while we went up and watched - very nice)

          I'm sure the menu changes frequently but this gives you an idea.

    2. Candela, Teatro, Blink ....