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Jul 22, 2013 07:33 AM

Gaucho Gourmet, awesome products

Just back from a trip to Spain and France, I started looking for sources of the amazing ham and other products we had in Spain and ran across this place. On Isom road near the airport, they mainly run a wholesale business but are open to the public . Great selection of products and the people that run it are really nice. The owner is very passionate about his products and took time to let us taste various olive oils, vinegars and prepared products.
Has amazing bread he gets from NY that is par baked and frozen.
Got some Iberico Paleta ham, which although very expensive, a little goes a long way and they were nice enough to take the time to cut it very thin.
Can't wait to go back!

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  1. "On Isom road near the airport,"
    Umm. You've narrowed it down to Texas. What airport, in what city?
    Yeah, I know i could google it, but ....

      1. I was lucky enough to find GauchoGourmet last September, shortly before our dinner group was to hold its "tapas dinner".
        Luciano, Juan, Sylvia and the others were a delight. We bought most of the tapas ingredients from them, including that wonderful Iberico ham, Spanish cheeses and peppers.
        I hope you got on their mailing list, as they will notify you of sales, demos in the store and other special events they host
        during the year. I attended the "chocolate" class they had, a demo by the pastry chef at Sustenio which was one of the
        best demo classes ever. Their selection of olive oil is the
        best in the city. San Antonio is lucky to have such a terrific
        family and their market.

        1. Looks like an awesome shop.

          Here's a link to their website: