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Jul 22, 2013 06:59 AM

Good fish market around Somerset/Piscataway?

We moved to Somerset by Weston Canal Rd and are looking for a good place to buy fresh fish. We used to live in North Brunswick and Garden State Farm Market was always great but - is there a place with good selection of fresh fish in Somerset area or Piscataway (where I work)?

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  1. I've worked up here for over 20 years and I don't know that there is a decent one.

    You may want to try nearby Plainfield for one. Do not, I repeat, do not go to the Asian Market in South Plainfield.

    Other than that, you could always lay just off of #287 and hijack the Trinity Seafood Truck from Asbury Park that makes a run every day to the Somerset/Hunterdon/Morris restaurants. Just kidding. Just kidding.

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      Asian Market in South Plainfield - made that mistake once. Not coming back for sure. Is it really that bad? Where do you go for fish?

      1. re: olyashok

        Oly, the bane of my life is commutation. I work up here. I live at the Shore (Monmouth County).

        I do feel your pain. There must be a decent fish market in your area, perhaps South River (Polski & Portugese says there shoud be one in town) or is too far to travel?

    2. Metropolitan Seafood is on Rt 22. in Lebanon is not too far from you. I have never been, but people swear by it. I suspect that the seafood counter at Wegman's in Somerville is probably worth a try,too.

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        Metropolitan Seafood in Lebanon is exceptional. For years we had been making the trek to Princeton's Fish Market for fresh seafood, small, crowded and smelly. Metropolitan is a huge improvement, large, spacious, impeccably clean and large ice tables so their fish is well chilled and well displayed.

        Very knowledgeable service staff, lots of prepared food items, local fresh produce, house made sauces, condiments....Metropolitan is a full service fish market with 800+ recipes available on line in support of its products. BTW it's fish, shellfish, oysters, are of impeccable quality and range from exquisite sushi grade tuna to grille grade salmon and even that fails to do justice to the range they have available.

        As a aside, following Hurricane Sandy, Metropolitan was fortunate enough to not lose power and opened their doors to anyone in need of ice, water, hot coffee, battery recharges, comraderie and nourishment.

        BTW they will pack your purchases on ice to keep their fish well chilled as you transport it home.

      2. Archar Seafood in Somerset is excellent! great fresh fish.

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        1. re: Spaetzle75

          Has great reviews on Yelp. Definetely will be stopping by!

        2. Archar just went through a makeover -- looks like more of a retail establishment. It's got great fish and personal service. Definite gem in our area!