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Jul 21, 2013 09:51 PM

I5 [Dunnigan to Oregon]

Anyone have anything new to suggest for the Northern California trek on I5 from the Bay area to the Oregon border?

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  1. The Olive PIt in Corning, just off I-5, is an interesting stop with a number of great olive products.
    Their site is

    1. Since the I-5 doesn't transect the Bay Area, it's hard to know what area you're interested in. You might get more responses if you can be more specific about the section or specific towns you're interested in. Los Banos, Patterson, Sacramento?

      Sacramento to Ashland

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        Sorry for not being more specific,. Basically from the 505/I5 interchange(closest town is probably Dunnigan) all the way up to Oregon. Specific town is not important, though it seems like on the way back we are always looking for places open late for dinner, preferably not chains, but would be happy to find anywhere with decent food. I have looked up all of the older topics I could find, but it seems like there are often a lot of changes, and am truthfully hoping that something new(and good) has opened up. Thanks!

      2. Cafe Ramos in Mt. Shasta City, mariscos molcajete or the Kings plate. Fresh squeezed margaritas with Evion (sp?) blanco tequila.

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          Stopped by again on our return trip, the Kings Platter has bacon wrapped prawns on a bed of rice with the mahi mahi sauce, a seafood secret ingredient enchilada, and several generous strips of some of the best seasoned, thinly sliced yet medium rare skirt steak I've ever tasted.

          Ask for Glenn as your server.

        2. Couple of places in Dunsmuir that we have enjoyed:
          - Care Maddalena
          - Senthongs - be warned that it is pricey and that service can be excruciating slow.
          - Cornerstone Bakery / Cafe - weird hours midweek, I seem to recall.

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          1. re: ElsieDee

            I would agree with all three of these. Cafe Magdalena's is also rather pricey, but worth it. My favorite of the three mentioned. Cornerstone has fabulous breakfasts.

          2. A friend is on that route right now and seems to be enjoying Dogwood Diner in Dunsmuir. Any 'hounds tried it?

            ETA: My friend had the grilled eggplant sandwich. It came with homemade ketchup and aioli. She pronounced it great.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              A year and a half later...

              Dogwood Diner is outstanding. Mountain town casual, high quality healthy ingredients, superbly executed, friendly workers and patrons. If it were in the Bay Area where I live, I'd be a regular.