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Jul 21, 2013 07:05 PM

Long Beach July 24 - 27

Not much here on Long Beach, what is here, seems to be old. I'll be there on business at the end of this week. We have plans to go to Michael's on Naples one night, unless I hear any strong objections here. Also dining with friends in Orange County on one night. That leaves two dinners unaccounted for. We're staying at the Hyatt Pike, carless, so walking or taxi-distance recommendations are appreciated.

I figure Michael's will be our one nice dinner out, and I'm looking for something casual and easy on the other nights. Where I live now, we have almost zero decent non-American restaurants, so foreign food would be delightful.

During the L.A. Olympics I had a meal on the Queen Mary. I had my first steak tartare in a clubby room with dark wood walls. I didn't know anything about food then, but I loved the atmosphere, and loved walking around the ship. From photos I've viewed, it looks like rooms have been modernized, which means it's lost it's appeal to me if that is true. Is there a spot on the ship that's nice and vintage, even just for a drink? I'd love to take Mr. NS there, if there is. I'm sure it's touristy, but I'll be an out-of-towner, so that's acceptable.

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  1. Well, judging by the responses here, it looks like no one is eating out in Long Beach.

    My results: Went to the Queen Mary for drinks, it was a nightmare. Complete decay since my 1984 visit. The beautiful art deco bar was lined with TVs and had a stainless steel cooler of red bull on the bar. Packed with guys in tank tops and backwards baseball hats. Tried to order a couple classic cocktails with no success. The bartender made a cursory suggestion of a Long Island iced tea. Very depressing.

    Michaels on Naples was fine. Decent food, but I've had a lot better for a lot less. Pretty overpriced. Everyone at our table got a different dessert and we passed around. The desserts were quite good.

    The hit meal was not in Long Beach but in Gardena! Lucky to have friends that knew where to go, and drove us there. We went to a yakitori spot that was out of this world. And I, Ms. sterilize anything that comes near a chicken, ate two raw chicken dishes. Plus one of everything else on the menu, apparently. Spectacular food, lovely little room, wonderful staff. Some of you might be able to read the link below. I can't, but one of our friends thankfully could:

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      I love your description on Torimatsu, especially about the raw I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! It really is my favorite place to go in Gardena:)