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ISO rhubarb - GTA west

hi hounds,

hoping you can help me out. i was at a party and someone brought a yummy rhubarb cake. i managed to snag the recipe and would like to make it myself. i'm not very familiar with rhubarb but i think it might be out of season now (or late in the season).

anyway, i'm wondering if anyone can tell me where i might be able to buy fresh or frozen rhubarb in the GTA ... preferably in the west end. I'm able to get to the Etobicoke farmers market on Saturday if there's rhubarb there.

thanks so much!

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  1. Try Trillium Organic Farms' stall at Liberty Village Market. They had some on Thursday at Edwards Gardens.

    1. Saw some at Longos today (was Oakville location but maybe others have it too)

      1. Saw it at Highland Farms in Miss. this weekend.

        1. fwiw, here in durham i have purchased it at costco, and local farmers' markets. it does not seem as though it is out of season yet

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            I can confirm it's at GTA West Costco (Mississauga North) still... I was just looking at them yesterday and surprised to see it still here since it's summer time and not spring.

            I did see them at the Milton farmers market (Saturday morning) 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if they were still there but they were lovely vivid colour and not wilted. The farmer and his daughter were also equally nice!

          2. this weekend i saw fresh Rhubarb at three places in Etobicoke.

            1. the saturday farmers market @ lakeshore and parklawn.
            2. loblaws on east mall and burnhamthorpe.
            3. costco on queensway.

            1. Just a reco- grab the fresh quickly while you can - I have a friend with a birthday this time of year who loves rhubarb and normally it's impossible to find by now as it is out of season.

              1. Plenty of the fruit+veg stores on Bloor West Village to find rhubarb

                1. hey everyone,

                  WOW ... thanks so much for all the leads! this is great!!!

                  now ... another 'rhubarb newbie' question ... can i chop it and freeze it (or save it somehow)? i'd like to make the cake and bring it to a family event on august 10...

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                    I have been successfully cutting and blanching rhubarb and then vacuum packaging it for freezing it in recipe-sized packages. Keeps well for 90 days.

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                      I chop and freeze, without bothering to blanch, and this works fabulously well. Searching the Internet, I see some people freeze in sugar or in a sugar solution. Some blanch. Some lay it out on a cookie sheet to freeze before bagging. Honestly, I wash, trim, cut and freeze in a glass snap container.

                      You can also freeze stewed rhubarb, and that is more compact, if that works for the recipe you are making.

                    2. Little late in the season for rhubarb. The finest crop is in spring and very early summer. It gets woody, tough, and bitter later in the summer (especially when not fresh). Buy it early in the season and enjoy, or cut into pieces (or purée) and freeze in ziplocks to make your rhubarb treats all year long !

                      1. thank you, CHers. i grabbed a bunch of rhubarb @ loblaws burnhamthorpe this weekend.

                        1. I am still baking with rhubarb from city and cottage patches. It is not woody, bitter, etc but lovely and tart baked in a pie. I've heard not to let it flower but it doesn't seem inclined to anyway.

                          1. Actually saw this at the farmer's market at Sherway on Friday, I've never seen it so late before.