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Jul 21, 2013 06:48 PM

PF Chang's?

I just saw an add for PF Chang's and I'm wondering why food court Chinese-american food is tastier? Anyone? Also how hard is it to cook frozen dumplings, yet PF Chang's dumplings are the worst incarnation of dumplings I've ever seen? They are totally unlike any dumplings I've ever gotten anywhere else too.
I get that there are a few, probably delicious dishes depending on how much sauce that particular chef is adding from the pre-made stock...
Please explain the popularity of this over-priced and, to me, very bad, restaurant.
I don't care if others want to eat there. I just want to understand :)

PFC is very different from any other Chinese-American food I've had. I eat cheap Chinese on occasion in a food court, it serves it's purpose particularly as there isn't a whole lot near where I work. CCF has a lot of options- and they make substitutions. It's better than the equivalent in the food court. So I'm asking what people like about PFC that makes them pay more for it than food court Chinese?

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  1. It's a chain in most malls and like most chains its about feeding the masses. To many it serves a need. If you don't like it why care if others do?

    Disclaimer: i have never eaten at one. To me they are an Asian version of a CCF or CPK.

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      I've never seen one at a mall, ever.

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          Like in Lexington Ky it is attached to the mall.

    2. I'll be honest and admit that I go there a couple of time a year. But it's only for 2 menu items. I get the Northern Style spare ribs appetizer which I can not seem to duplicate at home, and a lemon/coconut cocktail that I love. I just grab a seat at the bar and enjoy my snack.
      I've never eaten a sit down meal there, but that's one of my favorite little meals after a mall run.

      1. When owned by founders Paul Fleming and chef Philip Chiang, their restos were a decent 7 out of 10, since the buyout last year and new "suits" running the "empire"....I would rate it more a 3 out of 10...and agree with another poster....Drinks (decent wine list) at the bar with Happy Hour food bites.....You can get far better prepared full meals at any strip mall with an old cook manning the wok.

        1. <Please explain the popularity of this over-priced and, to me, very bad, restaurant. >

          You can say that for just about half of the higher end restaurants.

          I have been there three times. Most of the dishes range from Good to Acceptable, but a few are downright nasty. (e.g. I won't touch them even if they are free) Most of these restaurants are also about service and atmosphere. Yes, I would say most of the Chinese restaurants in my local Chinatown serves slight better to much better foods -- and much cheaper. However, most of them do not have the atmosphere or service for doing a business lunch or business dinner. I cannot bring a guest to my local Chinatown restaurant where the waiter and waitress just say F this and F that in Chinese. Personally, I love it, but these are not places for unfamiliar guests.

          1. I only went to PF Chang's once a few years ago for a work lunch, and after that experience never went back again, and never will go back again. I wouldn't even call PF Chang's Chinese food, it's that American/Chinese fusion that leans more heavily on the American side of the palette, with a bit of Chinese influence here and there. It tastes more like weird American food, not Chinese.

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                  I think it would be a stretch to call it "food".