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Jul 21, 2013 06:41 PM

Dark n' Stormies!

Not usually a mixed drink drinker, but wow, ginger beer is amazing and mixed with rum and lime this is so tasty. Hopefully it will not turn me into an alcoholic...
Please share your best recipe for this- I bought some ginger (non-alcoholic) beer with "extra-ginger" at WF's because it was on sale. Haven't yet tried to recreate what we were served. What do you recommend brand-wise for both the ginger beer and the rum?

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  1. a traditional Dark and stormy is made with Goslings and Baritt's. Cant beat a classic but in a pinch Mount Gay and Ginger Peoples ginger beer will do.

    Of course Gosling is now making their own ginger beer but I find it too sweet.

    1. I know goslings black strap rum is the traditional choice, but honestly I use Cruzan black strap rum 90% of the time, cause it's 5 bucks a bottle less and the taste is pretty close. Some times I have a Dark N Jerry, which involves a small splash of spiced rum to switch things up. Usually I use cock N bull ginger beer. Ginger people's is just to much for me.

      Another good drink with ginger beer is a Diablo, tequila and raspberry liquour (chambord etc) and a squeeze of lime.

      1. Rum and ginger beer makes for a nice highball with a variety of rums. I like using Cruzan Black Strap or Coruba, but amber rums can give you a different kind of flavor.

        I actually like the Gosling's ginger beer pretty well as it's easy to find and priced decently around here. I also like Maine Root Ginger Brew for something spicier, but it's gotten kind of expensive since they switched to four-packs. Reed's is an OK back-up option, but it tastes too much like honey and not enough like ginger.

        1. I love this drink. It is a perfect summer cocktail (okay I drink them year round but . . . .).

          If you're into doing it a little more "home-made", I now make my own ginger beer. It isn't hard (juicing the ginger is the hardest part, I have a cheap juicer that I use but it doesn't "like" doing ginger). Here is the recipe I use, I actually do the soda siphon route typically because I just don't plan far enough ahead.

          1. My Mother-in-Law was born and raised in Bermuda. Gosling's is the only rum for a Dark n Stormy, as Cockspur is the only rum for a punch.

            And who am I to argue with an expert.