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Jul 21, 2013 06:36 PM

Italy Itinerary Help

I apologize in advance for posting another "where should I go" type inquiries, but I have done way too much research and still need help! I already have several dinner reservations (see below) and would really appreciate any feedback on how I should fill the remaining holes:

-Osteria Francescana

-Il Santo Bevitore
-Osteria Personale
-Vini e Vecchi
-Need one more - should it be Cipolla Rossa or I due G or someplace else? (Ora d'Aria and Sostanza will be closed)

-Hosteria Glass
-And trying to decide between La Gensola or Metamorfosi?

-Il San Pietro
-No other reservations, just planning to go where the concierge recommends.

-Da Ivo
-And I need one more for our last night - hoping for something canal-side, romantic that would be a fitting end to our Italy experience. However, I'm having some trouble because it is a Sunday plus many restaurants will be closed in August (already contacted Alla Testiere, Da Fiore, Carampagne, Corte Sconte, and Rioba).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. For Venice, open Sundays and August:
    L'Orte dei Mori has outside tables on a campo next to a canal. Inside is intimate and cozy. Boccadoro is all seafood and has a few tables on a small quiet (almost private) campo. It doesn't get the press like Alle Testiere but it is very good and less hectic. Anice Stellato has canal side table and I believe it close only the third week in August.
    For one of your choices, Bancogiro, sit outside on the loggia overlooking the Grand Canal. Can't get anymore romantic than Da Ivo.

    1. In Positano, we have had several good meals at Le Tre Sorelle - and being on the beach/promenade makes for great people watching!

      We also love lunch at Da Adolfo at Laurito beach (call for reservations, both for lunch and for a lettino).

      Unless you are staying at ISP, realize dinner will involve a (short) taxi ride there and back. Having Bellini on the terrace at sunset is fantastic.

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      1. re: ekc

        agreed on da adolfo - looking forward to that

        go take a look at next2 - we are hopeful on that as well

        also there are a number of good places up the hill in Monterpertuso that you may want to issue increasingly with hotel concierges is all the side deals they have going so not necessarily in your best issue but helps line the pockets :)

        are you staying at ISP? If so then I do think Giuseppe will set you straight I would hope.

      2. As someone who has planned 5 trips to Italy using the sage advice on this board (and now planning my 6th) and have hit the wall of "too much information" in the past, may I suggest that you leave the "remaining holes" to serendipity and just concentrate on enjoying yourself. Remember, you do not have to have a reservation or plan for every meal; sometimes it's nice to just pop into a place you discover while out and about. You have a nice list assembled; let the rest just "happen." :)

        Buon viaggio!

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        1. re: ttoommyy

          +1, especially in Italy

          As someone who summers in Italy every year and is not hesitant about spending for food, the magic is in the ingredients. Your nose and a glance at a few tables will tell you all you need to know.

          I've been in and out of Italy since I was a child and other than a few local spots I frequent, I have no list of magic restaurants. A few years ago we traveled with one of the chefs from Alinea. When asked which restaurants in Tuscany he wanted to hit, his answer was he didn't have any names. Don't need any. After a week he had two conclusions 1), you simply cannot buy the quality of ingredients in the USA that are available in Italian supermarkets, let alone gourmet grocers and 2), the food we ate was fabulous.

        2. Da Adolfo is a MUST! My favorite dish is the Zuppe di Cozze, a garlicky, tomatoey, mussel stew.

          If you just want a casual pizza, I love the downstairs bistro at the hotel Covo dei Saraceni in Positano.

          La Tagliata in Montepertusa is the place for meat if you are tired of seafood.