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Jul 21, 2013 06:26 PM

Burmese Restaurants? (Thingyan put me in the mood!)

Are there any Burmese restaurants or places that have a few Burmese items on the menu in Queens? Went to the 2013 Thingyan this afternoon and I'm already drooling for some more shan noodles. They were pretty awesome, with chili and lahpet along some other goodies.

Not sure I've ever seen lahpet on any menus in Queens, but I remember seeing that someplace was selling Burmese items at a Thai restaurant in Flushing. Can't seem to find the post now!

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  1. Excellent Thai, on Main St., served a number of such dishes until a change of name and ownership in 2012. The folks behind that restaurant's Burmese (and Yunnanese) chow today operate the recently opened Crazy Crab, at 40-42 College Point Blvd. Tea leaf salad is on offer every day.

    Dave Cook

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      Thanks for the info! Not sure how I missed that post.