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Jul 21, 2013 02:56 PM

Good Thai and or Sushi close to Etobicoke/Mississauga

A couple of times a year we take a young friend out for lunch while he is home from University. We have gone to a few Thai and Sushi places (Lemongrass and Spring Rolls) in Mississauga as we like to share several dishes but lately the food has disappointed. Any suggestions for good Thai and or Sushi in the area?

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  1. Lemongrass and Spring Rolls are fusion Asian foods. I would say the quality has never been great for them. Are you looking for great authentic Thai or Japanese food or good Asian fusion?

    Twin Fish Thai restaurant on Hurontario is good and its a nice atmosphere. For Japanese, I like Dai Ichi for its cooked dishes in addition to sushi quality.

    If you're looking for Asian Fusion, I'd say Spoon and Fork at the Etobicoke border. It's AYCE Thai and Japanese food that isn't phenomenal but miles better than Spring Rolls and Lemongrass

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    1. re: Nevy

      Thanks Nevy. We have gone to that Spoon and Fork and didn't enjoy our meal. Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes. We'd like to try some authentic Thai or sushi so will check out your suggestions. It would be nice to have some sushi and then a few hot dishes to share.

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        We had our lunch out yesterday with our young friend. I chose Twin Fish, menu looked good, close to both of us, pictures very nice. We were not disappointed. I had made a reservation and good thing I did, because at 12:00 there were 5 tables already reserved and by 1:00 the place was full.. Very good sign. Had a bit of trouble finding it as it is close to the AMC Cinema, but in an alley with other restaurants.

        We started with the Twin Fish appetizer plate. Tasty calamari, sate (chicken and beef), spring, rolls and great chicken and mango rolls. Very nice sauces to accompany the apps. We then shared the Lemongrass Beef (very good) and the Chiang Mai Noodles with chicken (very good, spicier than expected, lots of chicken). Portions were good for the price. The atmosphere was very nice, linen tablecloths, very clean, excellent service. The waitress brought out our beef dish and we were only half finished the apps and had indicated we were not in a hurry. No problem, she sent the dish back to the kitchen and when we were ready a new dish arrived.

        We will go back. We have decided to also try Dai Ichi for Sushi as their menu looks good too.

        Thanks for all the suggestions.

        1. re: marshaw

          I'm glad to hear you had a good experience there! The owners are very interested in their guests experience so I find the service above the norm for Asian cuisine. It's not a mad rush to slap food on your plate and then get you out the door.

          I personally find their seafood options (sole and shrimp) to be very well done for a lunch session. Its well seasoned though I do find they hold back on the authentic Thai seasoning a bit.

          If you're willing to go further north on Hurontario, there's a very good Korean Japanese restaurant in Brampton. Similar to Twin Fish, the owners are really involved in the food and service. The atmosphere and quality makes them standout. Its called Sushi House Brampton.

          1. re: Nevy

            Our friend is keen to meet again over Christmas, so will give some thought to all these great suggestions.

      2. If price is no object and you wanted to give him a nice surprise?! Take him to Sushi Kaji!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          We have heard wonderful things about Sushi Kaji, but don't think we want to spend that much.

        2. green mango is an old thai standby in etobicoke @ royal york and bloor.

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          1. re: lilaki

            Haven't been to Green Mango in years. Thanks for the reminder.

          2. There's Bua Thai on Queensway a little west of Royal York. And Kumo Sushi on Evans and Islington -- I like both of these

            I personally did like Spoon and Fork myself fwiw.

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            1. re: ssainani

              We will have to check out Bua Thai and Kumo Sushi. We must have ordered the wrong dishes at Spoon and Fork, as many people like it. We were in the middle of a kitchen reno, so probably in a bad mood when we went. Ha, ha!

              1. re: marshaw

                I wasn't impressed with Spoon and Fork either. Too bad, it seemed like it would be a nice addition to the area but I didn't think it was much above mall-fast food Thai, to be honest.

                1. re: FrenchSoda

                  Don't think we would try Spoon & Fork again as there appears to be too many other good choices being suggested.

                  You get caught in a rut going to the same places over & over, so was very nice to try someplace new and each one has a different flavour profile.

            2. Sushi Tei is consistently decent. It's been a while since I've gone though.