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Jul 21, 2013 02:10 PM

Recipes for non-traditional ice cream flavors?

I'm on a ice cream-making tear...I've made raspberry, blueberry-ricotta, and white nectarine so far. Now I've got some fresh sweet corn steeping for sweet corn ice cream and I'm thinking of carrot next.

Please share your experience making unusual veggie or fruit ice creams or sorbets.

We prefer American-style ice creams (without egg yolks) and use cream, sugar, and sweetened condensed milk along with the flavor ingredients.

"Non-traditional" flavors in the US may be traditional in another culture, so I'm looking forward to some interesting ideas.

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  1. Lavender
    Tea (black, green, whatever you like)

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    1. I made a delicious popcorn flavoured ice cream. You make buttered popcorn then you seep the cream in it. It is different, unusual and really worth it. I topped the ic off with caramel corn.

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        Years ago, back in maybe 1974 or so, my sister and I spent some time in California with an aunt and uncle. They took us to Baskin Robbins, and we had popcorn and peanuts ice cream! The pooped corn was stirred into vanilla, along with salted peanuts. I remember that it was really good!

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          .......well I hope the corn wasn't really 'pooped' that'd be a whole different recipe. love the sound of that and moreover, hubby would really love the sound of that.

          I'd bought a $2 in a box ice cream/frozen yogurt maker a couple of years ago. it was fun to experiment with cinnamon ice cream, banana ice cream, tried to do flavors that you can't necessarily buy but could make.
          hubby was pretty tickled as he is a major ice cream fanatic.

          washing the spinner part then setting it out to dry, I knocked it off the counter and it broke so the other parts had to be tossed as well. I really do need to get another one.

        2. re: Gloriaa

          That sounds so good. Do you strain out the popcorn before you freeze it?

          1. re: Discerning1

            I strain it out. I think the texture would be off if you didn't.

          2. re: Gloriaa

            I made a popcorn ice cream and swirled caramel in it when i churned it. So this was my caramel corn ice cream. Pretty yummy.

          3. Not that unusual but I recently made a no-churn key lime pie ice cream which was delicious! I just added freshly squeezed key lime juice to my standard condensed milk ice cream recipe and then rippled the crumbs through the nearly set ice cream.

            I also do a version with regular limes and elderflower which is very refreshing.

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            1. re: helen_m

              helen, mind asking if you could post your standard condensed milk ice cream recipe. I've never seen nor tried that.I do realize this post of yours is almost a year old, you may not see this request: TIA

              1. re: iL Divo

                Hi! I used this recipe: you can easily change the flavourings, it's a very well behaved recipe.

            2. Definitely check out Jeni's book. It sounds perfect for you.

              1. Ginger ice cream is one of my favorites. Heat the milk and cream with fresh ginger and then let it steep until cool before straining. I also particularly like clove flavored ice cream.

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                1. re: stockholm28

                  wow how much clove? that's one strong flavor.........
                  but, that said, I do amp up Martha Stewarts amount of clove in her yummy cookies called maybe > "Cringle" really not sure of the name anymore sorry,