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Jul 21, 2013 02:07 PM

New place in Metairie for Dawg's!

Fat City Franks NOLA is a new Hot Dog / Sausage joint in Metairie. Have been 3 times since a co-worker told me about it. They opened a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed the Italian, Brat and Chicago Sliders so far. The buns make the delicious sausages and toppings taste even better. This place is definitely going on my list of favorite lunch spots! 3224 Edenborn Ave , Metairie, Louisiana 70002 (504) 382-8505

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  1. I tasted one last night; My husband brought it home. It had sauerkraut and bacon on it. It was excellent! I only wish it had been on a whole wheat type bread. Maybe they have it available but he didn't know.

    1. I stopped for lunch yesterday. I had chorizo with creole mustard and sauerkraut. Chorizo was quite good with nice slow heat.

      They also have extensive beer choices, at least on paper.

      I guess like the other hot dog places there is sticker shock when we think of hot dogs as cheap eats yet drop $10-15 for a hot dog lunch at one of the new places.

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        That "sticker shock" is an aspect.

        When I do hot-dogs, I start with locally produced brats, then broil them in a good beer, before putting them onto the grill. With whole-wheat buns (local bakery), plus chili, sauerkraut and British Cheddar, I would guess that my costs run about US $6.00 - 8.00. Given that, plus my time, that isn't too bad.

        Just an observation from my home and hot-dogs.