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Jul 21, 2013 12:51 PM

Dry Packed Scallops

Looking for somewhere to buy some nice beautiful tasty dry packed scallops. u10 or u15 size. West Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley locations preferred.

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  1. Fish King in Glendale right off the freeway exit:

    1. Alternatively

      1. Gentleman's Butchershop and deli had some last week for $30lb most of the time they keep seafood in the back freezer so you have to ask. I'f also call ahead if you are just going for the scallops.

        10002 National Blvd
        Los Angeles CA 90034

        1. L.A. Fish. Downtown, but a really good purveyor.

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          1. re: john gonzales

            Btw, LA FISH has Hokkaido. The other drawback is that one has to buy a realtively large bag of them. I think they have a lesser variety as well but opted for the Hok.

          2. I just got some great fresh dry scallops from Bristol Farms on Lincoln Blvd in playa del Rey. $27 per lb.