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Driving tour of Vermont - Any must-visit spots?

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Greetings - my husband and I are embarking on a small driving tour of Vermont next week. We're camping along the way in both the south and north regions of the Green Mts. We're looking for recommendations for cheese farms, breweries, great small towns to explore and restaurants.

I know that's a lot, so let me narrow it down a bit.

Day 1 - we fly into Burlington and immediately make our way down to the southern region of the Green Mts along rte 7.

We're looking for recommendations for cheese farms and markets along the way where we can pick up food to enjoy at our campsite. Any must-see small town recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Day 2 - head north to the northern region of the Green mt. along rte 100. Is it worth stopping in Brattleboro? Any great breweries, restaurants or small towns you recommend for this rte?

We're going to end the day at Hen of the Woods for dinner (unless you have a better recommendation).

Day 3 - driver further north to Quebec. Any restaurants/farm recommendations along I 91? Or suggestions on a more scenic drive up north?

After spending some time in Quebec, we're coming back to Vermont and spending a couple days in Burlington at the end of our trip. Since we only have two nights, we're looking to end our trip at an amazing restaurant - pretty flexible on budget - so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I haven't been to Vermont since I was young and I'm super excited, but I'm having a hard time narrowing it down! Thank you.

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  1. Along Route 7 for day 1:
    Lincoln Peak Vineyard in New Haven (just north of MIddlebury) for some wine!
    Otter Creek Brewing and Drop In Brewing are both in Middlebury
    The Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op is great.
    If you happen to be coming through on a Wednesday or Saturday be sure to hit up the Middlebury Farmer's Market.
    Just south of Brandon is Woods Farm Market - great produce.

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      Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful. We were really unsure about rt 7!

    2. Also on Route 7, and just south of Burlington, is Shelburne Farms:


      On Day 2, do not miss The Alchemist for Heady Topper. Be warned that you will likely have a wait and/or won't be able to get any at all - they run the canning lines on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and they sell out early:


      Hen of the Wood is an excellent choice.

      For a Burlington restaurant, I highly recommend Misery Loves Co., which is actually in Winooski. It is simply out of this world.


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        Awesome recommendations! Thank you!

      2. Also on Route 7, as you head south:

        Village Wine & Coffee in Shelburne (on the west side of the road) http://www.villagewineandcoffee.com/
        Ferrisburgh Bakery & Deli in Ferrisburgh (also on the west side of the road)

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        1. If you'll be nearby, a stop at King Arthur's in Norwich VT is always on my list. Don't forget Ben & Jerry's

          1. In terms of cheese, here is a link to the Vt Cheese Trail, http://www.vtcheese.com/cheesetrail.htm. Check the fine print in terms of which are open to the public.

            1. If the weather is good you should check out Shelburne Farms. It is just south of Burlington off of Route 7. A beautiful site and tour and they do have a cheese making operation there. It is a tourist spot, not a cheese market per se, so there is a fee for the tour but I thought it was well worth it.

              1. Near Queechee is my favorite farm, Suagrbush. they have a website with directions, awesome place.
                If you dip a bit east, King Arthur Flour is a must.

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                  I second both of madisoneats' suggestions. Great places to stop while in the area !

                2. Route 100 is beautiful scenic drive. Around every bend in the road is a beautiful vista. Make sure you stop at The Vermont Country Store in Weston, a picturesque VT village. The is jammed packed with everything and anything. ASAIC their sharp cheddar is the best cheese in VT.

                  As you continue north you'll come to the town of Plymouth. The Calvin Coolidge Homestead is in Plymouth Notch, a short detour on Rt. 100A.

                  You'll drive through the Mad River Glen area and want to stop in Waitsfield...

                  Stowe is another village with it's special history., namely The Trapp Family Inn, etc.

                  Rt. 100 goes right through many little villages, past farms, and antique shops, and many general stores. I love the drive. We've done it for more than 30 years.... I hope you have a wonderful trip!

                  1. If you are in Burlington on Saturday don't miss out on the farmers market.


                    There's also the dumpling woman cart on church street.

                    1. I would also consider hitting Shelburne Vineyards and driving across the street for lunch or dinner with a stop at Fiddlehead Brewing for a small growler of beer and Folinio's for excellent woodfired pizza, which is superior to the hippy 'za at the overly busy place in Burlington :-)

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                        Are you referring to American Flatbread? It's alright, the crust is not my cup of tea but the pie itself has a decent overall taste. Hippy vibe? Meh, not really but they try..lol. I'll try to get to your Folinio rec.

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                          Yeah I was referring to Flatbread......it's hippy pizza no matter how you cut i, the vibe, not so much, it is pure VT tourist if you ask me. The Zero Gravity brews are very average especially for VT and I swear the people that wait 45 mins there for a table just don't know any better. The pies at AF are also pretty average, they should be more flavorful than they are.

                          I don't have anything against AF, I just firmly believe they are really overrated.

                      2. I would definitely check out Brattleboro. As for breweries, you have the chance to stop at two of the most desirable breweries in the county, not to mention getting their beer outside of Vermont is impossible!
                        Go to:
                        http://www.alchemistbeer.com/ and http://www.hillfarmstead.com/

                        Just Google them and you'll understand. People go to on vacation to Vermont just to get the beer.

                        1. Hen of the Wood would have been my must do place.

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                            Hen of the Wood was just reviewed in the Montreal Gazette and is planning on opening a second location in Burlington.