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Jul 21, 2013 11:28 AM

Larb Ubol Hell's Kitchen Thai

Finally a worthwhile Thai place on 9th Avenue! All my other Thai delivery menus are in the trash now that Larb Ubol just opened.
Similar in style to Zabb Elee, with plenty of spice on tap. The chicken larb is great. The Pad Thai is really good - not quite Pok Pok Phat level but miles above the lame local gloppy peanut buttery competition. Also had the Pad Ped duck which is a standout. Still a lot of menu exploring to do.
Hoping others will venture over to 9th and 37th and help make this place a success!!

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    1. Do you know if it's related to the old Ubol Kitchen in Astoria?

      1. Aww, not yet available on Seamless.

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        1. re: Cheeryvisage

          It's on Seamless now. Ordered from there last night. Had the Moo Nam Tok (pork) salad, spicy level 4 and was sweating. This coming from a spice lover.

          1. re: sailsmore

            Excellent re. Seamless. And noted about the spice level. Thanks.

          2. re: Cheeryvisage

            I just noticed this place on Seamless a few days ago and took a gamble on them for lunch - was pleasantly surprised. I had the roast pork on rice, chicken larb, and the liver salad. Fast delivery, too - ~30 minutes to my office near Times Square, and the lunch specials are cheap @ ~$8.

            I do wonder why most of the Thai restaurants in the city seem to specialize in Isan food? Is that just where most NYC Thais are from? Larb Ubol, Zabb Elee, Chao Thai, even Pok Pok and that's run by an American...

            1. re: pravit

              And yet another one from Bangkok that has just opened a New York branch... Somtum Der. It specializes in Isaan cuisine too.

              1. re: pravit

                It's entirely my perception, but I think the efflorescence of Isaan restaurants here is a recent phenomenon in which people finally caught on that Isaan style is delicious and sort of the hardcore Andrew Zimmern-style Thai, to put it in colloquial terms. It's a trend, and a welcome one in my opinion.

                1. re: pravit


                  Pok Pok (the Red Hook one) is not Isaan; it's ostensibly Northern Chiang Mai-influenced food, not Northeastern Isaan...which are fairly different....

                  re: "why most of the Thai restaurants in the city seem to specialize in Isan food?" -- most don't: most Manhattan places (95%+) serve Central Thai Bangkok-style food...but many of the more recent ones that are getting attention like the ones you mentioned are Isaan and i think that's because it's been a very neglected and ill-served cuisine til recently and it's finally being appreciated and developed...i hope the trend continues, because there is still very little of it in Manhattan that is decent...Zaab-Elee is still the best imo, though i will try Larb Ubol one day...

                  1. re: Simon

                    I plan on trying Larb Uboi soon. The supposedly "best" chef from Zaab Elee is cooking here.


              2. hoping they will deliver to my office at 30th b/t 7th+8th, don't think that's too much of a stretch. Larb me up, Scotty.

                on another note, the website content is written as if it were an Irish pub w/karaoke, was that the previous incarnation at this location? Odd to take over a website along with the restaurant...


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                1. re: avial

                  Yeah I noticed the same thing with the website. Looks like they just copied another restaurant's site as a template but havent updated it yet.
                  A couple other things to note - the place is definitely Thai owned and operated and the service was good in a homey family friendly kinda way.

                2. Yeah, they'd better update that website. (Anyone tried that Isaan-style cheese fondue?)

                  This wasn't an Irish pub, though. It's a hard-luck space that's housed a series of undistinguished pan-Asian/sushi/Thai restaurants: T.S. Ma, Zendo, most recently Fusion on 9th.