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Jul 21, 2013 11:09 AM

Another new entrant in the Gastown resto boom

I totally missed this one. Anyone been?

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Thanks for the link, deffo looks worth investigating. It's been a while since I've seen sabayon on a dessert menu.

    2. Popped in for a cocktail a few Fridays ago, wasn't too impressed. My drink tasted generic. The mood in the room wasn't doing it for me. We didn't try any food so I can't speak to that.

      1. I've been - quite liked the well prepared comfort food (mostly), comfortable vibe, friendly service and very reasonable prices.

        A tiny handful of beers on tap (4?) - Storm pilsner is a dry, lemony aperitif so had that. Cocktails aren't too complex and lean to sweeter flavours but I quite liked a bourbon one that featured a blob of fig jam (!) in the middle of the coupe glass - sweetness offset by plenty of lemon.

        Had orange lamb chops starter - falling off the bone tender - on the sweet side but offset by a tad of heat and salt. Also tried some pork belly crackling - crisply fried salty pork - what's not to love (though some bits were on the burnt end of crisp) and meatballs - tasty, a bit salty, and a bit dense.

        I had the chicken confit for my main - super moist and tender chicken on a bed of chopped kale. Came with a consomme in a little pour jar - didn't make much use of that as the chicken was plenty moist. Kale was abundant, didn't notice the pistou and the biscuit was stodgy.

        Had berries and sabayon - really love sabayon but this wasn't as flavourful as I'd hoped. Berries fresh and lovely but over sugared for my liking. Had a taste of DC's caramel popcorn ice cream and that was pretty awesome.

        I would definitely go again - pleased with most of my meal, keen to try more of the menu, liked the space and service and thought it a good value (wine list was quite fairly price).

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        1. re: kinnickinnik

          Thanks for the input, vcf and kinnick. Maybe I will watch this space for a bit. Not a fan of sweetish preps....

        2. Went a couple weeks back, shared about 5 small plates and a beer and it was about $40 -- both left full.

          The cocktails, beer selection and decor weren't really to my tastes - nothing really remarkable here.

          The food was tasty and reasonably priced. We had the seasonal veg, salad, pork belly, deep fried white beans (these are dangerous) and their take on a scotch egg (wrapped in bacon instead of sausage). Really no complaints. It was a good night, will return.

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          1. re: kati3

            Pork belly, df white beans and scotch egg all sound worthy. Thanks for the feedback. It's not that I don't notice d├ęcor but it's typically not a huge factor for me, and I don't tend to drink much when I go out, but the beer selection is a potential issue for the SO. Do you mind if I ask what about that didn't work for you, kati?

            1. re: grayelf

              I think it is a matter of personal taste, really.

              Just not really into the beer selection on tap and I hardly drink bottled (which is a bit strange now that I am saying it out loud) but I enjoy pretty bold craft beers. Overall, I feel the beer list is pretty safe and I get that for the target market. The cocktails for me, all seem a little on the sweet side, but I did not try anything off the menu.

              In terms of decor, it just didn't feel overly coherent and wasnt anything wow worthy.

              With that being said, I absolutely recommend the restaurant and would return no problems as I quite enjoyed my meal.

              1. re: kati3

                Thanks for the deets! Sounds like you and the SO would agree on important beer attributes, particularly wanting good draft options. Heck, he can drink bottled beer at home, right?