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Jul 21, 2013 10:52 AM

Great value - Grilled Fish/Seafood- Espadon -7505 St Hubert

FYI, we have started to be regulars here. You choose your fish/seafood, it gets weighed, and either grilled or deep fried (calamari). Extremely reasonable, and full meals are generous with rice/fries & salad. Last night my wife had a plate of grilled shrimp and another of sradines for under $8. My swordfish plate was $12. Other options included mussels, octopus, salmon, a few other fresh fish, and seafood pasta for kids. They seem to be starting up....get there now before prices jump. I do not think they have liquor licence.

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  1. They don't have a liquor licence, and I believe it is run by observant Muslim North African people. Those of us who want to imbibe will simply have to do takeaway. (at home or in a nearby park). I ate there once with a friend, and agree it was very reasonable and good - it was at lunch and we just had the grilled shrimp and sardines. It is a nice, simple neighbourhood place, very family-friendly.

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        Yes, it is very similar to La Grande Bleue, not far away (Jean-Talon east near Fabre m├ętro), but I prefer l'Espadon - a smaller menu and better fish prep. When my friend and I had lunch there, the other customers were Maghrebi families - it is an eminently family-friendly place. Now it is Ramadan, so they won't be there at lunchtime.

        For people who do want to do a picnic (and perhaps indulge in a bottle of chilled white wine, or some beer) there are three parks very close by; the closest of all is the little parc on Chateaubriand just south of Villeray (there are some picnic tables), and Villeray and de Normandville parks are larger and still a short, fish-friendly walk. Ideally, you will first stop by Chez Apo on Faillon (corner Berri) and enjoy Levantine savouries and Maghrebi fish and seafood.

        This building was originally some kind of fast food chain - A Dunkin? A KFC? and when that closed it reopened as a Vietnamese pho place, then it was a breakfast place (not successful); I hope this incarnation works out.