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social eating house, london

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I went for lunch last week, had a cocktail and was back for cocktails on Saturday - all round winner so far, for me.

the lunch menu is £23 for three courses and portions are generous. I kicked off the mackerel with tomatoes and lime crème fraiche (wonderful light and fresh, perfect for a scorching day) and my friend had poached egg with white onion soup and broad beans which she loved, ran her finger round the bowl and said she'd happily eat all over again.

her main was, imo, the better option - confit veal with lemon and capers plus some sort of cubes of veg (I think courgette or squash - I was focussing on the tender and richly flavoured meat when I tried it!). I had cod with compressed beefsteak tomato and squid. nice enough but too much tomato between the two courses so I was a bit jaded.

I didn't fancy either pudding option but my friend's toasted marshmallow, on shortbread with raspberries and disc of chocolate was heavenly. as was the complementary birthday pudding they provided.

cocktails pre-lunch and on my repeat visit were great (and if you get there in search of a drink but the restaurant is shut, there is a side door up to the bar (I think the sign says optician; the bar is the blind pig).

well worth a visit and I would choose it ahead of pollen street social (where I've never enjoyed the food enough to be happy to pay alc prices but again I like the bar).

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  1. Thanks for the review - I have a client lunch coming up and was thinking of booking here. Would you rate it over Little Social?

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      I've not been to Little Social - a few things referred to it as family-friendly which put me off!

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        Right, Social Eating House it is then!

    2. "... ran her finger round the bowl" - I'd *love* to have a friend like yours who's so uninhibited in showing her love for food. Many of my girlfriends these days are just way too self-conscious.

      And everything you described sounded scrumptious.