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Jul 21, 2013 09:43 AM

destruction of CH as I love(d) it - bumping with comment


Previously, if a post was commented, it would bump to the top of the list

Now, it seems the design is comments never bump posts - although perhaps it's just "broken" because of delay?

This means long threads never develop. Once a post is a day or two old, it slips off the front page, and no one notices it.

And, perhaps surprisingly, the change to put recent-comments-first was a design mistake. It also works against long threads developing, because people don't even see the discussion.

For your long-term contributors, people who do more than ask "where should I eat near union square", the long threads are what makes the site worthwhile.

There are a number of reasons the SF board is down to only 3-4 posts per day and fewer and fewer comments. The loyal long term posters have weathered a lot of site downgrades, because the fundamental fun of the community is here.

But now, with the site just being "recommend this", I'm certainly posting less, and this will be my only post on this topic.

Ironically, I can't see easily if there has been a long involved discussion on this topic in the last month, the kind that would keep getting bumped to the front and probably still be there.

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  1. Sounds like you have your display set to sort by 'date stated' as opposed to 'last reply'. If you really want to follow the longest threads you could even set it to 'replies'.

    The SF board, sorted by 'date started' shows 10 threads in the last 24 hrs, sortedy by 'last reply' 20 threads.

    When viewing a thread, you can switch the display mode to 'show oldest first'.

    On the 'latest comments' list, I see 7 threads with over 100 posts (in the first 25), several with over 500.

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    1. re: paulj

      Paul, I guess I'm having the same problem and still cannot figure out how to switch the display to "in order of last reponse." So what links do I push? Thanks

      1. re: junescook

        Just click on the column label. The one that is currently in effect is colored red. The column also has red underline.

        Your email inbox may work the same way, as do some file listers.

        Within the thread display, click on the clock icon.

    2. It does sound as if you might have inadvertently changed your settings.

      To adjust the board sort order: At the top of the board index, you should see Date Started on the left, and Replies and Last Reply on the right. Click on Last Reply, and the posts should be sorted with threads with newest activity at the top. The sort category that's active is shown in red.

      To adjust the thread sort order, use the icons on the right above the first reply in a thread. The clock button will show posts in order added, with the oldest at the top, while the arrow button shows them in reverse, with the newest at the top.

      1. Ditto all the above I do this at least 2/3 times a month. Now I've come to realize it and immediately switch it back.